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Playful Awakening

Releasing the Gift of Play in Your Life
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Playfulness has the power to reconnect us with our sense of self, and help us achieve growth and self-fulfilment.

The author of this wide-ranging book explores the universal significance of play in the pursuit of happiness and authenticity. Providing a brief overview of the role of play in social, spiritual and intellectual endeavours throughout history, she discusses the harmful consequences of taking things too seriously, and reveals playfulness as a necessity for both the psyche and soul. Informed by the Core Process psychotherapy model, Buddhist philosophy and personal testimonies, the book illustrates how the lighter side of life enables us to re-examine the makeup of our identity and recover from negative experiences. Much more than an insight into the therapeutic properties of play, it is an eloquent ode to the importance of simply "en-joying" ourselves.
  • Published: Aug 21 2017
  • Pages: 248
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781849051507
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Press Reviews

  • Rob Preece, author of The Psychology of Buddhist Tantra, The Wisdom of Imperfection and Feeling Wisdom.

    Playful Awakening is a wonderful weave of rich imagination and deep insights into our psycho-spiritual being. Di Gammage skilfully draws the nature of play out from beneath the cloak of our prescribed adult reality to give it a central role in how we can awaken to our nature. This book is a lively and ever enlivening exploration of our relationship to play in both its creative expression and its potentially dark side. We see how our capacity for play is so much part of our innate vitality and yet can become drowned in a life full of prescriptions, responsibilities and psychological fears and insecurities. In Playful Awakening Gammage brings back to life the magical, mysterious, liberating significance of play as a source of health and transformation, not just for children but for us all. She shows us that when we see the play of our reality, we discover how much lighter, kinder and more joyful our world can then be.
  • Bowen F. White, M.D., author of “Why Normal Isn’t Healthy" and founding board member of the National Institute for Play

    We learned: "hard work" is the key to success, play is kids' stuff. Grownups then value work and devalue play, sadly separating them. This fascinating, deep dive into play rejoins the two. That marriage produces more creative and innovative work, more authentic lives and healthier relationships.
  • Stuart Brown MD, Founder, President, The National Institute for Play

    In [Di Gammage's] comprehensive look at play ... the reader can begin to appreciate its richness and life affirming reality.