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Playing with Fire

Training for Those Working with Young People in Conflict Second Edition
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Playing with Fire is a structured manual and training programme to help youth and conflict practitioners work with young people caught up in conflict and violence. All aspects of conflict are covered, from the initial igniting spark to the roaring blaze.

The manual includes ideas and session plans that can be adapted to the needs of a particular group. Sessions include exercises and activities that explore situations of conflict, develop skills to deal with them, and rehearse techniques for future use. The training section outlines how to deliver the programme, including how to use role-play and work constructively with conflict in the training room.

This second edition includes new sessions on working with issues of identity and prejudice and working with wider community issues, as well as new exercises and activities. Appendices include alternative session plans and ideas on games and group work exercises. This is a valuable guide for youth practitioners and all those working with young people who face conflict or violence.
  • Published: Apr 15 2011
  • Pages: 240
  • 278 x 214mm
  • ISBN: 9781849051842
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Press Reviews

  • Children & Young people Now, Sam Fitzpatrick, director, Trelya

    Leap works on the basis that conflict in young people's lives can be used as a chance for personal development. Playing with Fire provides the roadmap. It can work as a training course or a series of standalone exercises to dip into... Macbeth and Fine are clear that the book is intended for those already focused on doing the work, and as a clear guide it takes some beating.
  • Professor Edward F Halpin, Professor for Peace Education, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK

    Too often young people are seen as a problem; in this manual they are accorded respect and valued for their role in being the solution, if properly supported, motivated, and trained. The experienced, and expert, team of practitioners from Leap Confronting Conflict has produced a practical tool kit for any practitioner working with young people engaged in, or experiencing, conflict. I would commend Playing with Fire and believe that it should be available in every school, youth work, and other workplace where conflict, bullying, or violence might affect young people. I have met young people who have participated in the training offered by Leap Confronting Conflict; they provide the best affirmation of the value of both the work of Leap Confronting Conflict and Playing with Fire.