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Practical Approaches to Dramatherapy

The Shield of Perseus
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Practical Approaches to Dramatherapy is derived from the authors' experiences of working with dramatherapy in a range of different situations. It focuses on the flexibility of the applications of dramatherapeutic principles. The book provides a comprehensive account of the history, theory and practice of drama and its therapeutic use. The authors explain the shape of a session, how dramatherapy works, and how it can be interpreted via myth, symbol and psychological theory. Work with individuals and groups is described, as are sessions with masks, improvisation, and use of scripts. The reader is encouraged to incorporate dramatherapy approaches into a variety of existing ways of working: for example, in socials skills groups, assertiveness training and anger management. Highlighting the potential scope of dramatherapy and providing practical examples and advice, Practical Approaches to Dramatherapy extends the boundaries of dramatherapy practice.
  • Published: Aug 04 2000
  • Pages: 240
  • 232 x 154mm
  • ISBN: 9781853026607
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Press Reviews

  • Dramascope

    There is a great simplicity and flexibility offered in the approach offered in this book. There are many creative and practical ideas woven into the case studies and these include the therapist's reflections. The studies give real insight into the role of the drama therapist. This has whetted my appetite and stimulated lots of questions! This is a well written book which certainly lives up to its title of being practical. It is certainly a book that I will go back to when I am, perhaps, planning a workshop or wish to reconnect with the creative processes, it has added considerably to my "therapeutic toolbox".