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Practice Leadership in Challenging Behaviour Services for Autism and Intellectual Disabilities

Practical Strategies for Supporting People
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Practice Leadership refers to individuals who have direct front-line responsibility for leading the practice of staff on a day-to-day basis, such as operational leaders and managers in services for people with autism and intellectual disabilities. A good practice leader creates cultures and puts values into action. They deliver great support. A practice leader implements our best endeavours. A good leader makes all the difference.

This book lays out the steps to achieving great practice leadership in services for people with autism and intellectual disabilities, such as care homes or supported living. It explains how practice leadership delivers support and care using the principles of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS). The book outlines what practice leadership should look like in context, how to do it and why it matters. It draws from real-life case studies throughout and each section encourages discussion and reflection.

Refreshingly warm, humorous and jargon free, this is an indispensable guide for professionals in services working with people with intellectual disability or autism at any level.
  • Published: Mar 21 2022
  • Pages: 240
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781839971006
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Press Reviews

  • Ulf Berge, Senior Lecturer at VID Specialized University

    This is a very inspiring and necessary book filled with hope and encouragement that emphasizes that the new everyday life requires a new type of leadership. Positive Behaviour Support has no value if it is not put into practice. Good leaders make all the difference. I'm going to run after people with this book.
  • Viv Cooper OBE, Chief Executive, The Challenging Behaviour Foundation

    This much needed book is written by someone who knows from direct experience what he's talking about. "Practice leadership" is often quoted describing qualities that are clearly essential for the delivery of good support, whereas evidence of encouragement for it to thrive is less obvious. Tony's writing style and use of footnotes and case studies are easy to identify with. They illustrate the real life, feet on the ground, this is what you are dealing with day in day out issues: a translation into "and this is what that looks and feels like in the real world". I hope that family carers, advocates, support workers, managers and commissioners read and learn from it and are inspired by it.
  • Dr Lam Chee Meng, Principal Autism Consultant, Autism Resource Centre (Singapore)

    Tony Osgood challenges us as leaders, to have an 'open door' policy for our teams. A "good practice leader" should never be behind a door to begin with; but be present for our teams at all times. This is a highly recommended resource for anyone working with individuals with challenging behaviours, especially for supervisors. It brings to life many good positive behaviour support and leadership practices through authentic case studies and reflections.