Practice Teaching - Changing Social Work

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Practice teaching is an essential component of social work training, yet very little is written about the experience of practice teaching. In this authoritative book, practitioners and academics draw upon their experience of working with social work students to discuss and explore the complex issues that arise in practice teaching. The fundamental challenges related to the organisational context of social work, the role of the practice teacher as the pivot between theory and practice and the need to ensure the development of a sound value base in all social work students are all explored in depth. The contributors demonstrate how they have managed to create stimulating and rewarding learning opportunities for their students by holding on to the essential skills and values of effective social work in the face of continuous organisational re-structuring, resource constraints and an uncertain future.
  • Published: Jul 01 1998
  • Pages: 240
  • 233 x 184mm
  • ISBN: 9781853024788
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Press Reviews

  • Probation Journal

    At a time of increasing pressures and moves towards mechanistic forms of assessment it is heartening to read a book where both the importance of a high degree of skill and complexity of the task is demonstrated. This book also re-affirms the practice teacher's unique position as practitioner-researcher (it includes many pieces of small scale research) and stresses that whilst the role itself is being subject to change it can also have a significant influence on such developments... This thought-provoking book represents a first rate collection of articles well edited into three coherent but not rigid sections. It provides a wealth of excellent material for practitioners, college tutors and students/trainees as well as practice teachers. Well referenced and produced, it is highly recommended.
  • Rostrum

    This book addressed a range of issues, helpful to practice teachers at any stage. This book is a worthy resource and adds to the all too few books on practice teaching.