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Project-Based Group Work Facilitator's Manual

Young People, Youth Workers and Projects
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Working with projects is nothing new in youth work, and youth workers have long recognised and valued them as an integral part of their work. The benefits to be gained from such work are almost limitless.

This book is intended to help youth workers to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to work successfully and creatively with groups of adolescents and young adults. The first part explores how skills are learnt, how values, beliefs and understandings are developed and how projects can enhance this process. The second part, packed with useful ideas, shows how these things can happen in practice. It contains advice on

skill development

building dialogue

interaction with groups

whether (or not) to intervene

evaluation procedures

setting youth work within its wider context.

It contains many suggestions for ways in which both the youth worker and youth groups can confront the many issues, such as gender, race and sexuality, faced in youth work today.
  • Published: Mar 01 1995
  • Pages: 200
  • 232 x 155mm
  • ISBN: 9781853021695
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Press Reviews

  • Youthwork

    Thought-provoking, practical and realistic, with an excellent bibliography. Provides much food for thought for Christian practitioners.
  • Aslib Book Guide

    This very practical manual provides a basis for project work of all kinds.
  • Therapeutic Communities

    Throughout, the authors usefully focus on skills that often go unnoticed within youth work. They highlight the importance of the processes that occur during the projects, such as the empowerment of young people to achieve specific tasks, and the dialogue that might develop between individuals, rather than the more obvious success of the projects themselves, a useful text.