Promoting Attachment With a Wiggle, Giggle, Hug and Tickle

A Programme for Babies, Young Children and Carers

Practical and easy to use, this resource is for practitioners working in early years settings to help children aged 0-2 to develop secure and positive attachments with their parent or carer.

Designed to be flexible for one-to-one or group work, the resource features fun and engaging activities involving singing, movement and sensory activities in a structured but playful environment. It explains the significance of positive attachments in a child's early years, and equips practitioners with skills and techniques to help encourage bonding. It will be of particular interest to those working with parents needing additional support such as vulnerable and adoptive or foster families. The resource is accompanied by online materials - songs to sing along with, and film clips of signing to help parents and carers improve communication. This programme will help parents to become more attuned to the needs of their child, and aid the child's emotional, social and cognitive development.

With additional guidance on how to run the programme as a group, this resource will be easy to use for any health, education or childcare practitioner in specialist and mainstream settings.


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Press reviews for: Promoting Attachment With a Wiggle, Giggle, Hug and Tickle

Anne O'Connor, Principal Consultant, PRIMED FOR LIFE Training Associates

Promoting Attachment With a Wiggle, Giggle, Hug and Tickle helps carers learn how to tune into their babies physically and emotionally, supporting their ability to understand their needs better and to develop the kind of consistent, loving relationships that have long-lasting benefits for child, carer and ultimately our wider society. This book provides accessible information about attachment, physical development and sensory stimulation and why they are so fundamentally important in a baby's early life.

Jane Comeau, Early Years Professional

A great resource which will help practitioners benefit parents/carers and their children - the theory explained will reinforce practitioners knowledge and the easy style in which it is written makes it an enjoyable process from start to practice.

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