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Race', Housing and Social Exclusion

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This is the first book to focus on how racism affects the housing choices available to black and other ethnic minority groups and how this contributes to social exclusion. Using a practical approach, the contributors analyse the implications of social exclusion, offering suggestions for good practice in the allocation of housing for black and other ethnic minority groups. 'Race', Housing and Social Exclusion shows how racism and the shortage of housing workers from black and other ethnic minorities constrain the choices available to these groups, thereby preventing them from having an active role in society. Each chapter investigates a different aspect of the situation that black and other ethnic minority groups face, including:

Their housing needs

The procedure of the allocation of housing

Patterns of housing settlement of black and other ethnic minority groups

The employment of black and other ethnic minority staff in housing associations.

This book also gives examples of the experiences and aspirations of black and other ethnic minority groups and relates them to subjects such as cultural differences within and among black and other ethnic minority groups, and the further social exclusion which arises from housing associations which help a specific ethnic minority group. `Race', Housing and Social Exclusion challenges existing views, which are based on broad generalisations of black and other ethnic minority groups, and also points to future policy making and strategic planning.
  • Published: Sep 24 2001
  • Pages: 336
  • 232 x 156mm
  • ISBN: 9781853028496
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Press Reviews

  • Urban Studies

    An important contribution to the body of knowledge on race and housing. It is an excellent resource for housing policy-makers and practitioners alike and has equal value for all researchers/professionals involved in wider programmes for social inclusion and regeneration.
  • Cambridge University Press

    This is an accessible and well-informed collection on race and housing, which must enthusiastically welcomed. It deserves to find a readership among students, researchers and practitioners.
  • Housing Studies

    This valuable collection brings together contributions from many of the researchers who have done most to increase the range and complexity of our knowledge of contemporary issues of housing and "race" in the UK... A major strength of the book is the emphasis many contributions give to policy recommendations for a more inclusive approach. Reducing constraints, increasing choice and empowering BME communities is the central message.
  • ROOF

    This volume sets out to define the characteristics of social exclusion more accurately, by focusing its attention on housing...The range of topics tackled is comprehensive. Some chapters are first-rate. The authors offer an unusually frank appraisal of the performance of housing organisations in appointing senior minority staff... Andy Steele's contribution on black young people is revelatory and Martin Pearl and Roger Zetter's report on asylum should be a wake-up call to ministers... As a series of pointers to important issues in the nexus between housing and equality [this book] works.
  • Inside Housing

    This timely series of essays has been brought together by two professors with extensive experience of researching housing and ethnic relations... The book makes a valuable contribution to current debates... Its readers will be left feeling that this is a challenge for everyone to take up.
  • Community Care

    From the dereliction of our worst social housing estates to the hidden poverty of the lower end of the private housing market, black and ethnic minority people are trapped in the worst living conditions as this collection makes clear. The authors throw light on a number of still-concealed discriminatory housing practices, such as social housing landlords failing to deal with racial harassment, institutional racism in the employment of staff and the central role that housing plays in the exclusion of refugees. There are also sound analyses of the housing needs of people from ethnic minorities, including Asian elders.