Raising Responsible Teenagers

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Raising Responsible Teenagers combines comprehensive discussion about child development with practical advice on parenting styles and discipline techniques. Each stage of child development is discussed, creating a picture of where the child 'is at' on entering adolescence. Adolescence is the final stage of childhood, the springboard to adult life and a time where values are being blended into a mixture that parents can still greatly influence.

Bob Myers provides the tools for this, such as the use of rules made and agreed on by all the family and based on the simple philosophy of `a fair go and safety for everyone'. Being a realist, he also offers ways of handling difficult behaviour and shows how adults in the parenting role can focus control on their own parenting skills, rather than focusing just on the child. Each chapter contains useful examples and checklists for further thought, as well as a fund of useful advice.

This book will provide an extremely useful guide for parents, teachers and all those who wish to interact with young people in a conflict-free atmosphere, and who wish to see them become considerate, achieving and responsible adults.
  • Published: Nov 01 1996
  • Pages: 256
  • 215 x 140mm
  • ISBN: 9781853024290
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