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Resolving Distress in Dementia

A Person-Centred Approach for Clinical Settings
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GP surgeries, outpatient clinics, and hospitals can be difficult for people with dementia, as physical and emotional discomfort can build up and become overwhelming. This book invites healthcare workers to examine the root causes of distress for people with dementia in clinical settings, and offers ways to resolve incidents without the need for restraint or sedation. It also suggests strategies for reflection after incidents and forward planning, to support patients and staff and reduce the frequency of difficult interactions.

Each chapter includes illustrative case studies to bring key concepts and dilemmas to life, and is supported by analysis and practical advice rooted in the authors' extensive experience in dementia care.

This guide helps healthcare professionals to understand why people with dementia may become distressed in a clinical setting, and gives them the tools to not only resolve incidents, but create a person-centred, supportive environment to reduce future distress.
  • Published: Dec 19 2024
  • Pages: 256
  • ISBN: 9781805010234
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