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Restorative Justice in Legal Systems, Education and the Community

Reflections On What Works, Where We Can Grow, and What’s Next
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Aug 21, 2024

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Restorative justice, realized in states and communities across the world, is viewed as an innovative framework and growing global social movement, providing a foundation for fairness and accountability in laws, policies and practices. Its application is integrated in legal systems, educational settings and the workplace, among others.

A wide range of expert voices in the restorative justice field come together in this book culminating in an insightful and critical assessment of restorative justice. With authors from around the globe, the international application of restorative justice is evidenced with case studies and examples of the impact of restorative practices and various models. Relational practice, its implementation, its effects and its potential to grow is at the heart of each of the chapters, thoughtfully arranged to guide the reader through the journey of restorative justice in education, to legal systems, youth offender programmes and the communities for whom restorative justice is integral.
  • Published: Aug 21 2024
  • Pages: 304
  • ISBN: 9781805012511
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Press Reviews

  • Shay Bilchik, Professor, Georgetown University Former Administrator OJJDP

    This must read, published in honor of the late Dr. Gordon Bazemore, is truly a rare find: a compilation of articles excellently edited by Pavelka and Seymour that provide the research and historical foundation, as well as operational guidance for restorative justice practice, whether in the legal system, education setting or the community.
  • Brenda Morrison, Ph.D, Associate Professor, Director, Research & Engagement Centre for Restorative Justice, Simon Fraser University

    This multi-disciplinary volume builds on the legacy of restorative justice visionaries; in particular, it is a tribute to Professor Gordon Bazemore. It is a testament to the strength and breadth of those visionaries. A must read to embrace the movement today.