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Riley the Brave's Big Feelings Activity Book

A Trauma-Informed Guide for Counselors, Educators, and Parents
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Roaring, grumping, knots in tummies...Making sense of big feelings can be tricky. Riley the Brave and his safe big critters are here to help! Enjoy 60+ fun activities and trauma-sensitive strategies to help children understand the brain science behind those big MAD, SAD, and SCARED emotions...and what to do about it!

Bright illustrations and familiar characters encourage children as they dig into their prickly porcupine moments, timid turtle moments, and all the feelings in between. An introduction for grown-ups will help you make the most of this treasure trove of games, printable masks, colorful cards, word searches, action plans, and more! Work one-on-one or easily adapt these strength-based activities for group settings. Lesson plans and frequent "Try This!" sections make this the ultimate resource for parents, teachers, counselors, and anyone else supporting children with big feelings.
  • Published: Aug 08 2023
  • Pages: 160
  • 278 x 216mm
  • ISBN: 9781839973000
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Press Reviews

  • Kim S Golding, CBE, Clinical psychologist, DDP trainer and author

    This is a perfect addition to the Riley the Brave's Adventures series. The concepts are easy to understand, illustrated through words and pictures alongside the engaging activities.
  • Kim Gameroz, MA Ed, SEL and Educational Consultant SELebrate Good Times

    This is the perfect resource for counselors, educators, and parents to support the social and emotional learning of all our students and children. The language and visuals are easy to understand which makes implementation quick and effective.
  • Kristin Berry, The Honestly Adoption Company

    This book is amazing! It's ideal for therapists and parents alike. The exercises are engaging, creative and fun. Best of all, children and their grownups will learn and grow together.
  • Mike Berry, author of Securely Attached: How Understanding Childhood Trauma Will Transform Your Parenting

    When it comes to understanding big feelings that come from trauma, Jessica Sinarski deserves your full attention! The Riley The Brave's Big Feelings Activity Workbook highlights this and then some. This is a valuable resource to help both caregivers and professionals gain transformational insight into trauma behaviors and successfully build connections with them that will last a lifetime.
  • Kendra Morris-Jacobson, Director of Oregon Programs.

    What a positively epic companion primer to the Riley the Brave series! If you're looking for ready-to-use, trauma-aware tools for kids, this is the guide to grab.
  • Meg Garey, LPCMH, Executive Director, A Better Chance for Our Children

    This activity book has everything you are looking for! It provides a great introduction for professionals and is easy to navigate. It is versatile, so you can use it in a variety of ways with a variety of children. Most importantly, the activities will help to empower children by building their emotional and body awareness.
  • Gabi Garcia, author of Listening To My Body

    What an outstanding, comprehensive and thorough activity book! It's a go-to resource for parents and caregivers with accessible trauma-informed activities which engage and gently guide children toward a compassionate understanding of themselves and their big feelings.
  • Vanessa Green Allen, MEd., NBCT, author of Me and My Feelings: A Kids' Guide to Understanding and Expressing Themselves

    In this relevant and kid-friendly workbook featuring Riley the Brave, Jessica Sinarski skilfully provides important tools and encouragement to help children navigate their big feelings by using their "upstairs brain power" to stay calm and in control.
  • Jaclyn Durant, MSW, LCSW

    This is the first activity book that is thorough AND attainable. Usually, I have to set activity books aside and supplement with other materials or the social work skills/tools I have. This activity book helps children understand the big feelings they have, the brain science behind those feelings, and provides activities to support those lessons. As a social worker and mother, I find this resource invaluable!