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Selling Out the Spectrum

How Science Lost the Trust of Autistic People, and How It Can Win It Back
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When trust breaks down, how do we begin to fix it?

Set against the controversial history of genetic research into autism, from the Spectrum 10k study led by Professor Simon Baron-Cohen to the legacy of the Andrew Wakefield MMR scandal, this book explores the ways in which autistic people have been let down by science and what needs to be done to build more effective partnerships in the future.

Written by leading autistic journalist Liam O'Dell, Selling Out the Spectrum takes a thorough, balanced deep-dive into the issues surrounding the relationship between science and the autistic community, can explores how past damage can be effectively and meaningfully repaired.
  • Published: Nov 21 2024
  • Pages: 240
  • ISBN: 9781839976261
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