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Social Pedagogy and Working with Children and Young People

Where Care and Education Meet
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Social pedagogy is an innovative discipline that supports children's upbringing and overall development by focusing on the child as a whole person. It has been described as where education and care meet or as 'education in its broadest sense'.

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the theory, principles and practice of social pedagogy and the profession of social pedagogue. With chapters from leading international contributors, it outlines the roots of social pedagogy and its development in Europe, and its role in relation to individuals, groups, communities and societies. Also covered is how it applies in practice to working with children and young people in a variety of settings, including children in care and in need of family support, and its potential future applications.

This seminal book on an increasingly important topic will be essential reading for all academics, researchers and practitioners working with children.
  • Published: Jun 15 2011
  • Pages: 224
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781849051194
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Press Reviews

  • European Journal of Social Work

    I really liked the book. It seemed to me it is opportune, interesting, and useful... much of my enthusiasm for this book is due to the above-mentioned, quality criteria. But also, it is due to the authors' confidence in the ability of social pedagogy to transform society through its work with children and young people - a trust and a hope shared by all those who have chosen to become involved in this field, from th3e academic sphere or from the professional sphere.
  • Pastoral Care in Education

    It is a hopeful book, which conveys a combination of enthusiasm and serious intent for an approach that has the potential to radically innovate an overly administered UK system of care and education.
  • Jonathan Stanley, National Centre for English Residential Child Care, UK

    This book will prove invaluable to those wanting to explore the thinking and practice of social pedagogy. The contributions are not only insightful and inspirational but also ambitious and aspirational, challenging the reader to participate in the evolving discourse on social pedagogy. It is a much needed resource, charting the history of social pedagogic developments to date and acting as a steady companion in the professional advancement of the reader. It is also a full reference tool and an aid for further dialogue.
  • Gareth Wall, Registered Manager of a residential children's home and owner of

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book; it is an excellent addition to the current literature on social pedagogy. It provides comprehensive coverage of the subject, outlining the principals and the most up-to-date thinking and interpretation of social pedagogy today.