Social Skills, Emotional Growth and Drama Therapy

Inspiring Connection on the Autism Spectrum

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Drama therapy provides valuable opportunities for children on the autism spectrum to interact and connect with others in a fun, supportive environment. The innovative model of drama therapy described in this book is rooted in neuroscience, and designed specifically to develop social, emotional and expressive language skills in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

Lee R. Chasen provides an accessible explanation of the theoretical foundations, concepts and techniques that make up the approach, and describes in detail a thirty-session drama therapy program which uses creative and playful tools such as guided play, sociometry, puppetry, role-play, video modeling and improvisation. Scenarios drawn from his own practice provide useful insights into the practicalities of setting up and running such a program, as well as into how children's social, emotional and expressive language skills deepen through their immersion in this unique approach.

This book will be of interest to drama and creative arts therapists, as well as teachers, school psychologists, counsellors and other professionals who work with children with autism spectrum disorders.
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Press reviews for: Social Skills, Emotional Growth and Drama Therapy

Sally Bailey, Past President of the National Association for Drama Therapy and Director of the Drama Therapy Program at Kansas State University

Lee Chasen brilliantly connects current brain research with the challenges of autism to demonstrate why drama therapy works neurologically and practically as a powerful, motivating therapy for children and youth on the autism spectrum...Pragmatic and playful, Social Skills, Emotional Growth and Drama Therapy is a valuable resource able to be replicated successfully by other clinicians. I know that I will use it!

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