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Social Work with Children and Families

Getting into Practice Third Edition
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This key text covers the knowledge and skills that social workers need to get into practice with children and families.

The book covers core components of child and family work such as building effective relationships, assessment, child protection practice and working with the law. Clear and accessible, this practical book features case studies, questions and exercises throughout. This third edition covers the very latest developments in child and family work, including changes in professional practice that emphasise the importance of understanding child development and observation skills.

Social Work with Children and Families is an indispensable text for social workers, allied health professionals, psychologists and students of social work and child care.
  • Published: Jun 15 2011
  • Pages: 304
  • 244 x 185mm
  • ISBN: 9781843105985
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Press Reviews

  • Rostrum

    this text is written in straightforward language which many will appreciate. I feel it could be well used by trainers, practice educators, students and by newly qualified social workers undertaking their first year in practice and PRTL record.
  • Dr Gabriela Misca, Director of Postgraduate Studies in Social Work, Keele University, UK

    This is a much welcome 3rd edition of a 'classic' text on social work with children and families. The authors candidly speak directly to the reader - social work trainee or practitioner - and give a powerful message of gently but steadily challenging assumptions and encouraging reflection on practice. The shift of focus towards the skills of practice in working with children and families comes at an ideal time within the context of current national changes and challenges in social work as a profession in general, and in the area of working with children and families in particular. Additionally, it makes for text that is undeniably able to claim international relevance for social work trainees and practitioners.
  • Michelle Lefevre, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, University of Sussex, UK

    The third edition of this book manages to retain its focus on the core roles and tasks of the contemporary context while keeping the social work relationship and critical practice at the heart. Once again it provides a welcome foil to texts which are dominated by proceduralism and narrow definitions of evidence. Updated for the current policy climate, it now widens its critical eye to beyond the UK. It should become the key text for children and families teaching in qualifying social work education.