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Spiritual Accompaniment and Counselling

Journeying with psyche and soul
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The contributors, who each work with spiritual issues, either explicitly as spiritual directors or accompaniers, or as an implicit part of their therapeutic work, offer a psychologically-informed approach to Spiritual Accompaniment and Direction, and to working with others on a spiritual level more generally. They explore what it means to be attuned to the spiritual process of another, discuss what makes an effective relationship in Spiritual Accompaniment and counselling, and consider how best to work with spiritual crisis, spiritual abuse, and pain. The unconscious process informing the work, forgiveness, changing spiritual needs over the life-span, and models of supervision that can inform the practice of Spiritual Accompaniment are also explored. A case study is presented, providing psychological and theological insights into the accompaniment process.

Grounded in work with the spiritual dimension of others and aspiring to improve encounters at a spiritual level, this concise book has important implications for the practice of counsellors, psychotherapists, and spiritual accompaniers and directors.
  • Published: Feb 21 2015
  • Pages: 192
  • 229 x 154mm
  • ISBN: 9781849054805
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Press Reviews

  • Alistair Ross, Associate Professor in Psychotherapy, University of Oxford

    We are entering a new era where the presence of spirituality in therapy has moved beyond mere 'novelty' status. This book offers revealing insights that clearly demonstrate the maturing of a spiritual dimension found in counselling and psychotherapy. The authors establish without doubt that spiritual accompaniment, while a disciple in its own right, has a vital part to play in the evolution of the psyche/soul in counselling and psychotherapy.
  • R Jane Williams, MDiv, PhD, Associate Professor, Clinical Pastoral Counseling, Moravian Theological Seminary, PA, USA

    A breath of postmodern fresh air and a go-to resource for students and practitioners of spiritual accompaniment and counseling! This text thrills my practitioner's soul as Gubi and the authors affirm what many of us experience as true -- spiritual accompaniment and counseling deal with similar questions of meaning and purpose and utilize skills common to both disciplines. This warmly accessible resource affirms that with deep reverence for the mystery of the human journey -- and for the Presence greater than ourselves who journeys with us -- both disciplines can instruct and inform each other to the benefit of the clients we serve.
  • Sister Elizabeth Obbard, ODC, Aylesford Priory, Kent, UK

    How often men and women who practice either counselling or spiritual accompaniment, find that those who come to them need a combination of both to face their problems in a way that honours truth, and helps to heal the whole person. This timely book offers a wide range of articles based on practical experience. It is designed for those who combine their professional counselling with the practice of a personal spiritual discipline. It is also for those who, while primarily devoted to some form of spiritual ministry, can benefit immensely from understanding and exercising, when appropriate, the skills of a counsellor. I can recommend this book wholeheartedly to all who practice, or are interested in the work of counselling and spiritual accompaniment.