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Supporting Breastfeeding Past the First Six Months and Beyond

A Guide for Professionals and Parents
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This evidence-based guide for professionals covers essential information to help support parents breastfeeding past the first six months, including starting solids alongside breastfeeding, nursing manners, and common problems and challenges.

The recommendation of breastfeeding beyond six months is well-established, but many birth professionals don't feel confident enough to support parents. This book, packed with case studies of real-life parents and practical tips, helps to educate healthcare professionals - as well as parents themselves - to feel better informed. Each chapter combines professional, research-led evidence with a parent-focused resource section for a fully integrative approach.

Centring families and their personal journeys, Supporting Breastfeeding Past the First Six Months and Beyond is an invaluable guide for all lactation consultants, birthing professionals, healthcare workers and parents.
  • Published: Apr 21 2022
  • Pages: 288
  • 226 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781787759893
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Press Reviews

  • Lucy Webber, Midwife and IBCLC Lactation Consultant

    What a beautifully written, much needed book! Such a wide variety of incredible information and differing experiences. Empowering, thoughtful and engaging. Evidence based and practical, a must read for Supporters, Health Professionals but also parents too.
  • Kathryn Stagg, IBCLC and Holistic Sleep Coach

    In a country like the UK where breastfeeding past 6 months is quite unusual, there is very little support out there for those that do find themselves continuing into toddlerhood and beyond. This is an incredibly comprehensive guide to breastfeeding past six months so health care professionals can improve their support and practice and so parents to feel normal. It encompasses all the scenarios and challenges a breastfeeding family may encounter. A fantastic resource.