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Supporting the Transition from Breastfeeding

A Guide to Weaning for Professionals, Supporters and Parents
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This comprehensive and accessible guide provides birth workers and lactation professionals with the skills to help families navigate the emotional and physical challenges of weaning. Using a compassionate, person-centred approach that prioritises the needs of both mother and child, this pioneering resource details the emotional impact of weaning and offers practical guidance and expert advice suitable for professionals and parents alike in order to facilitate complex decision-making processes and set healthy boundaries.
Enriched with the voices of parents talking about their individual weaning experiences, this is a much-needed, empathetic approach to the complex journey of weaning.
  • Published: Feb 21 2024
  • Pages: 192
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781839977855
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Press Reviews

  • Dr. Lucy Liu Yang, mum of two and anaesthetist

    This is an extremely valuable resource for parents; full of evidence based advice, told in a kind, thoughtful, and holistic voice.
  • Rachael Mooney, Mother (actively weaned 3.5yo guided by the wisdom in this book)

    This book is a rallying cry for compassion and open hearts in how we as a society support weaning - and by extension all significant changes in a child's life - whether as a professional or as a friend. Emma Pickett asks 'what is the goal of responsive and kind parenting? It is to help create little people who are empathic and kind and recognize authentic emotions.' And what is the goal of this book? That the adults that read it expand their capacity to be empathic and kind and recognize authentic emotions. Vital growth that will benefit us for generations.
  • Christina Brewer, mother (weaned a 2.5yo with Emma Pickett's guidance)

    A beautifully written and compassionate book about a much neglected area, this comprehensive book was a great resource to me while night weaning my boob monster toddler. The emphasis on bodily autonomy and consent surrounding the breastfeeding relationship empowered me to give myself permission to set boundaries. Every situation is catered for and the practical suggestions were invaluable.