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Supporting Young Children Through Change and Everyday Transitions

Practical Strategies for Practitioners and Parents
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Explaining the importance of supporting children through change for their wellbeing and social and emotional development, this practical guide gives early years practitioners and parents the tools to help children cope with change and everyday transitions.

The book looks at different types of change that children can encounter, such as moving homes, new siblings, starting school, bereavement and divorce, and gives advice on best practice for early years practitioners and parents.

With ideas and activities that can easily be implemented, this book is the ultimate handbook for supporting young children through changes big and small.
  • Published: Jul 21 2020
  • Pages: 144
  • 214 x 138mm
  • ISBN: 9781787751583
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Press Reviews

  • Tamsin Grimmer, Early Years Consultant, author and director of Linden Learning

    This excellent book addresses change and everyday transitions in children's lives in a sensitive and caring way. It tackles various topics such as moving house and going on holiday as well as more challenging issues like bereavement and illness. Written in an easy to read style, Sonia offers practical ideas and links to numerous stories and books which can help adults to support the children in their care. This book is an essential read for practitioners who want to support their children through the changes and transitions their children experience.
  • Ruth Fergusson, Lead Psychologist

    Sonia's book on transitions tackles sensitive topics such as death and divorce, as well as more everyday changes, with insight, honesty and personal warmth. Using her great breadth of experience and knowledge Sonia delivers practical, workable advice and strategies as well as many links to books, research and videos to deepen our knowledge and strengthen our practice. This is an excellent book; I will be recommending it to my schools and EY settings as soon as it is print!
  • Fred Lacey, paediatric and adolescent psychotherapist, clinical Supervisor and Education Consultant

    In a world of constant change, never has it been more important to pause and truly consider how we are going to mange and support children through the many and varied transitions in their lives. This wonderfully clear and helpful book from Sonia helps to set out how we can approach each and every transition with compassion and clarity of purpose. Parents and education staff can take solace in the help available in these pages, knowing that to prepare well and really think about how to support through change is a worthwhile endeavour.