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Systemic Supervision

A Portable Guide for Supervision Training
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As the training of family and systemic practitioners becomes increasingly more formalised, the issue of supervision and supervisory training has grown in importance. Systemic Supervision evaluates the practical and theoretical issues involved in implementing and maintaining effective supervisory training within a family therapy practice. The authors outline the UKCP requirements for supervision as interpreted through the Association of Family Therapy Guidelines, and provide an overview of a course designed to cover these requirements, including models of theory, structures for setting up supervised practice at work and a description of new models of therapy which have affected the processes of supervision.

Supervision may also create practical and ethical dilemmas, which may arise from personality differences, communication problems or social contexts. Systemic Supervision examines the relationship between supervisor and trainee in terms of power, gender, ethnicity and sexuality, and ways to deal with these issues. In their conclusion, the authors evaluate what new issues for therapy and theory the development of supervisor training creates.

Systemic Supervision is unique in examining supervision within family therapy, and in drawing out not just the theoretical implications but also looking at the practical questions involved. Its recommendations are based on the authors' experience of setting up and running supervisory practices. It will be essential reading for those at all levels working with families.
  • Published: Mar 01 2000
  • Pages: 128
  • 232 x 162mm
  • ISBN: 9781853028533
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Press Reviews

  • Family Matters

    While obviously aimed at family therapy settings and training requirements in Britain, the material contained in the book would be worthwhile reading for therapists in other countries.
  • Rostrum

    The book overall is readable and accessible and has the virtue of brevity. As a practice teacher, I found there to be an overlap of common themes and issues as there would be for anyone involved in any supervisory relationship. I would therefore commend it to a wider readership than those solely involved in family therapy training and practice.
  • Inga-Britt Krause, The Marlborough Family Service & University College, London

    A useful introduction, aid and guide for multidisciplinary teams seeking to enhance and develop systemic interventions.
  • Joyce Scaife, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Psychology Unit, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK

    In this collection of chapters, the authors explore the development of systematic ideas over the last 20+ years. This book shows the reader how supervisors of systematic therapy have addressed personal and professional development in pre-registratin training and with this in mind there is much of interest that follows.... Overall, the content was not what I anticipated from the title, but I still expect this to be a worthwhile read for supervisors wishing to consider how to facilitate personal and professional development, and self-awareness in their supervisees and themselves.