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Talking Consent

16 Workshops on Relationship and Sex Education for Schools and Other Youth Settings
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This book provides teachers and parents with the 'need-to-knows' to educate groups of young people about consent, pornography, sexting and many other related topics, as well as giving them the tools to ward themselves against abusive behaviour.

Initiating a discussion with young people on topics around sex can seem daunting, but Talking Consent is full of lesson plans, workshops and creative ideas for introducing and promoting constructive discussions around these areas - while also dispelling common myths, and giving appropriate answers to difficult questions that may arise from these discussions.

Inclusive of everybody, including the LGBT+ community and people with disabilities, this book will provide professionals with the information they need to spark and shape conversation around these complex issues in an assured way.
  • Published: Oct 21 2020
  • Pages: 304
  • 296 x 210mm
  • ISBN: 9781787750814
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Press Reviews

  • Maria Huffer, CEO, Protective Behaviours Consortium

    An impressive and much needed resource which will give teachers a really good starting point from which to teach this challenging area of the curriculum.
  • Hollie Williams, PSHE Subject Leader, The Warriner School

    I think it is brilliant. The plans are inclusive and accessible, it tackles the issues that our young people are actually facing, is supported by research and stats and references the PSHE Association objectives. I personally would teach everything you have suggested.