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The Tanja Sharpe Doodling Duo | Creative Children’s Pack

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“Simply brilliant, I was reaching for a pen to get doodling within moments of starting to flick through.”  Dr Pooky Knightsmith

Get your hands on two of Tanja Sharpe’s creative doodling books for children and save over 20% with this exclusive JKP Store bundle! As well as children aged 8+, these two are perfect for counsellors, therapists, psychologists, social workers, coaches, teachers, school staff, parents, and carers.

Doodle Yourself Happy (New!)

What does happy mean to you? Even though happiness is important to our minds and our bodies, we don't hear people talking about it much. The doodling activities in this book can help you to understand your feelings and find ways to grow a spark of happiness even when things feel tough. This is your book, and you can use it in any way that you like.

Featuring 50 fun doodling activities, this creative workbook helps children aged 8+ to work through low mood and sadness and use doodling as a way of inviting more joy, confidence and resilience into their lives.

Doodle Your Worries Away

Ideal for children who are dealing with worry and anxiety, this book is based on Tanja’s 15 years of integrative counselling experience. The exercises inside are inspired by a range of therapeutic approaches including behavioural activation, mindfulness, CBT and positive psychology.

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