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Team Parenting for Children in Foster Care

A Model for Integrated Therapeutic Care
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How can professionals work together with foster carers to create stable and therapeutic foster placements?

Team Parenting for Children in Foster Care describes a unique model of supporting children in care which involves foster carers and professionals working together in the best interests of the child. This book lays out the key principles of Team Parenting - to meet the needs of troubled young people in an integrated way and incorporate therapy within a wider team of social workers, therapists, psychologists and foster carers - as well as the theory behind it and interventions used. It details how the approach contributes to the recovery of looked after children and each chapter includes examples that illustrates how Team Parenting works in practice.

Team Parenting for Children in Foster Care includes ideas for systems and individual practice that will inform and improve foster carers' and professionals' work in any setting.
  • Published: Nov 21 2013
  • Pages: 288
  • 229 x 170mm
  • ISBN: 9781849054454
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Press Reviews

  • Susan Barton, AM, Founder/Director, Lighthouse Foundation, Australia

    I was thrilled to read Team Parenting for Children in Foster Care, which shows such a clear understanding of how the provision for vulnerable and traumatised looked after children and young people can be improved. It recognises the importance of an integrated approach with the young person at the centre, supported by a group of carers and professionals working together collaboratively to ensure their needs are met in a coherent and seamless manner. This wonderful book is essential reading for anyone committed to the healing and recovery of looked after children and young people. Congratulations Jeanette and Judy for writing a book that demonstrates such strong commitment to reflective practice and love of these beautiful young people.
  • from the foreword by Professor Robbie Gilligan, School of Social Work and Social Policy, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

    This book makes a valuable contribution to a much-needed body of work on approaches to doing foster care that can help respond to the diverse needs [of children in care]... It is a tribute to the authors and their achievement that I find myself wishing that I could sit down and talk with them about many of the points they make. This is the sign of a valuable book, one that gets you thinking and energised.