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Tell Me about When Moms and Dads Come Home from Jail

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"Is it easy to come home after being in jail?"

Ideal for use with children aged 6-11, this is a vital resource for supporting the wellbeing of children whose parent is coming home after spending time in prison. Using plain language and photographs, it reassures children and guides them through adjusting to their parent's homecoming. It explains which feelings the child and both parents might experience and the different challenges that everyone in the family might face, while suggesting ways to build new bonds with the parent. Included are activities to help children manage their feelings, tips for parents and professionals on how best to support them, and a list of resources for additional help and information.
  • Published: May 21 2018
  • Pages: 40
  • 246 x 173mm
  • ISBN: 9781785928062
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Press Reviews

  • Kendra Jochum, LCSW-C, Reentry Services Manager, Montgomery County Correctional Facility, Maryland

    While the incarceration of a parent is a life changing event for a child, the preparations and experiences of a parent releasing can often be even more stressful ... Tell Me about When Moms and Dads Come Home from Jail provides a supportive way for children to begin learning about what this may look and feel like.
  • Nancy Elbin, Retired elementary classroom teacher for 26 years and elementary school counselor for 19 years

    This book delivers concrete information to children who experience conflicting and confusing emotions when a parent is incarcerated. The therapeutic activities and resources included provide constructive ways to successfully navigate the challenges and fears they face. Both books are excellent resources for families, school libraries, and counseling offices.
  • Marion Finkbinder, former educator and administrator, Montgomery County Pubic Schools, Maryland

    The support pages alone are filled with invaluable resources and ideas. The constructive and positive suggestions can provide comfort for all in the knowledge that they are not alone in the struggle.
  • Monya Cohen, Psychologist working with children and teens who have incarcerated parents

    I love the non-judgmental approach; the photographs and activities help promote positive management of difficult feelings and emotions. Both books project a compassionate and understanding tone and provide a wealth of information and answers to common yet distressing questions.