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The Art and Science of Motivation

A Therapist's Guide to Working with Children
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Placing motivation at the heart of all encounters and therapeutic activities, this book presents a groundbreaking, evidence-based model for working with children, including those with physical disabilities, learning disabilities and emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Drawing on Self-Determination Theory (SDT), the authors describe this innovative paradigm - the model of Synthesis of Child, Occupational Performance and Environment - in Time (SCOPE-IT) - and explain how it can be used to sustain the child's motivation and active involvement in the therapeutic process. They suggest ways of using language and of structuring and working with the environment to maximise engagement and autonomy and achieve the best possible treatment outcomes. The challenges professionals may face when working with children are also clearly addressed, and engaging case studies and photographs place the key theoretical concepts in a richly human and personal context.

Combining accessible theory with a wealth of tools and strategies for practice, this book is essential reading for all those working therapeutically with children, including occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, psychologists and psychotherapists.
  • Published: Oct 15 2012
  • Pages: 296
  • 226 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781849051255
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Press Reviews

  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health

    The key theory and model that underpin the entire book are: Self Determination Theory (SDT) and The Synthesis of Child Occupational Performance and Environment-In Time (SCOPE-IT)... Many practitioners may have used principles of the SDT and SCOPE-IT without knowing it. Both the theory and model are explained in great detail with clear references to research and best practice. The book will help practitioners look afresh at key factors in creating and working in a therapeutic relationship.
  • Debate

    The book is excellently laid out and highly accessible. Theory, practice, personal experience and referencing is seamlessly interwoven...This book for professionals who work therapeutically with children and their families. It is especially useful for those who are looking to extend their skills to take account of the diversity of both the nature of their work and their client groups, and to consider perhaps a different framework for the evaluation of their interventions and reflections of their practice.
  • Professor Alan Hayes, Director of the Australian Institute for Family Studies

    I congratulate the editors and their authors on producing an impressive, timely volume that addresses a key set of challenges confronting clinicians. They skilfully highlight the motivational factors that do make a difference to outcome...I found myself captive to the "flow" of ideas fuelling my intrinsic motivation to read on! I am confident that others will be similarly captured!
  • Professor Amanda Kirby, The Dyscovery Centre, University of Wales

    This book is a breath of fresh air, bringing together concepts grounded in motivational research but clearly demonstrating how they can be used by the practitioner in everyday practice. It should be a standard text for all therapists who want to ensure that the child's views and goals are always at the centre of interventional approaches.