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The Asperkid's (Secret) Book of Social Rules, 10th Anniversary Edition

The Handbook of (Not-So-Obvious) Neurotypical Social Guidelines for Autistic Teens
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Being a teen or tween is tough for anyone. And if you're on the Autism Spectrum, life can feel like a game you're playing without knowing the rules. Jennifer Cook knows - she's been there! Her internationally bestselling handbook is the key to unlocking those unwritten, often confusing, not-so-obvious social guidelines and bolstering confidence, all at once.

Finally, teens can play the game of life with instructions. The 10th Anniversary Edition of The (Secret) Book of Social Rules reveals the essential secrets behind the baffling social codes surrounding making and keeping friends, dating, and catastrophic conversation pitfalls, with all-new content on social media and talking about neurodiversity. It's no wonder Jennifer's is the navigation tool tens of thousands of fans have come to love! Full of brand-new funny illustrations, take-it-from-me explanations, and comic strip examples, this Book of the Year award winner is real, positive, and speaks from the heart (without ever sounding like your mother's guide to manners). It's confidence, humor, and smarts. For the Human Spectrum.

  • Published: Jun 21 2022
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781787758377
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Press Reviews

  • Rachel Bédard, PhD, licensed psychologist, co-editor of A Spectrum of Solutions for Clients with Autism

    The kindest, most honest, most helpful book about those pesky, invisible social rules! Jennifer's insider's perspective brings such humanity and LOVE to this book. This is a "must read several times over the decades" type of book that should be required reading for ALL humans. Written with love, by a true leader in the field, Jennifer has once again demonstrated the ability to explain the unexplainable, in a humble, honest, supportive manner. This book is one to own and reread over a lifetime. Not just for Asperkids, this book is a gem for any human who has ever been perplexed by social interactions, felt awkward, or lonely, or loved someone who feels this way. Honestly, this book should be required reading for all humans of any age!
  • Wendy Ross MD

    Jennifer has a way of distilling the social rules into a practical, yet lyrical, and often funny, resource. The accessibility of this book to asperkids, and those that love, teach and guide them cannot be overstated. Lessons in this book can provide down to earth wisdom and support that extends beyond the population for which it is intended. Asperkids is not just a great book for those with autism, it is a great reference for all.
  • NetGalley reviewer

    This book was not only very beautifully written but also extremely uplifting, it was an absolute joy to read. Being a Neurodivergent adult I found this book to be very relatable and it is a book that I think everyone ought to read. Not only would it be helpful for other Neurodivergent individuals trying to learn and understand themselves, but it would also be extremely beneficial for Neurotypicals to read as well to help them better understand their fellow Neurodivergent loved ones and friends. Growing up there were a lot of things I didn't quite understand about myself and I was left to assume it was just me who was struggling with things that everyone around me seemed to understand perfectly. Had I read this book growing up I would have been assured earlier on that it was not just me and there were other people who shared very similar issues and struggles. The Asperkid's (Secret) Book of Social Rules is highly detailed with beautiful art to help further explain the information within the book, which made it very interesting. Each page in this book was filled with positive messages and kind and understanding words. This book assures the reader that it is perfectly okay to be different and to embrace yourself for who you are, which is a message I think the world needs to receive. This is a book I would highly recommend!
  • Temple Grandin, author of Thinking in Pictures

    When I was a teen, I was bullied in school and called names. If this book had been available, my teenage years would have been less difficult.
  • Haley Moss, author of The Young Autistic Adult's Independence Handbook

    Finally - we might understand neurotypicals a little better! Rather than expecting neurodivergent youth bend and break themselves trying to fit in and figure it out, Jennifer Cook helps us understand what people expect of us, how everyone can and should be more empathetic, and gives us a roadmap while also giving neurotypicals a glimpse into the autistic mindset. This is one of those books that I wish I had growing up.
  • Kate Laird, Programme Manager, Autism Learns and The Autism Show (previously Head of Conferences & Events at The National Autistic Society)

    I thought Asperkids couldn't be improved - I was wrong! I first read this book shortly after it was first released. Now Jennifer has made some fantastic updates to her book, which continues to be relevant, funny, informative and insightful - not just for kids on the spectrum, but also for neurotypicals (like me) who continue to learn every day from autistic experts - like Jennifer - who tell us just how it is.
  • Professor Tony Attwood, Griffith University, Australia

    Social rules regulate friendships and conversations, and the ability to follow those rules determines social acceptance, and facilitates connection with peers. Autistic teenagers do not have an intuitive social rule book, and are frequently 'charged' with social offences. This engaging and informative book explains the rationale for each social rule, and the expected codes of social conduct; it should be an automatic birthday present for all autistic teenagers.
  • Debbie Reber, author of Differently Wired, founder, Tilt parenting

    Jennifer Cook is the best big sister / coach / mentor / friend every autistic tween and teen could hope for. In The Asperkid's (Secret) Book of Social Rules, she shares her hard-won wisdom with compassion and humor, encouraging readers to fully understand and embrace their awesome selves.