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The BFRB Recovery Workbook

Effective Recovery from Hair Pulling, Skin Picking, Nail Biting, and Other Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors
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So, you want to work on recovery from your body-focused repetitive behavior (BFRB)? Chances are, this is not the first time you've thought about changing your BFRB. And it's probably not the first time you've taken action to overcome it.

This workbook provides evidence-based tools consistent with the most up-to-date behavioral science to examine your BFRB in a new way, shift perspective on how you relate to your BFRB experience, reduce the behavior with individually tailored interventions, and transform your life and sense of self for the better.
Written by licensed clinical psychologists, this integrative behavioral therapy (IBT) approach is rooted in behavioral and cognitive psychology, utilizing CBT, ACT, DBT and habit reversal training, and is applicable to all BFRBs, including nail biting, hair pulling, and skin picking. Make your way through the workbook at your own pace, with the authors' compassionate guidance, and return to it as often as needed.

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  • Published: Oct 19 2023
  • Pages: 288
  • 246 x 172mm
  • ISBN: 9781839976551
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Press Reviews

  • Christina Pearson Founder, TLC Foundation for BFRBs & BFRB Living Skills Coach & Consultant

    A stunning, thoughtful and well-integrated compendium of how one can learn to navigate, reduce, and even eliminate unwanted BFRB behaviors, while deepening self-awareness, expanding self-acceptance, and broadening one's sense of interconnectedness.
  • Patrick B. McGrath, PhD, Chief Clinical Officer, NOCD

    The authors have done a marvellous job. From motivation to address your BFRB's, to a full treatment plan, and then maintaining your gains, this book will change lives for the better.
  • Dr Lisa W. Coyne, Founder and Director, New England Center for OCD and Anxiety (NECOA) & Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

    This is a terrific, comprehensive, strength-focused guide for individuals looking for tools to help them not only address BFRBs, but to build whole, rich, and thriving lives. It is clearly and compassionately written and is a must-have not only for BFRB sufferers but also clinicians interested in providing exceptional evidence-based support for their clients.
  • Bianca Lyder, Founder and President of The Lyder Foundation for BFRBs

    ...A game changer in the BFRB community. This book is well written, a joy to read. It opens an insightful dialogue not just with people living and/or recovering from BFRB but, delves deeply into the daily internal and external challenges that potentially can affect their internal-external world-view of life. The strength of this book is its ability to take the sufferer through meaningful exercises to affirm and confirm that living with BRFB is only one facet of who they really are! The book clearly helps them, through their BRFB journey and to love themselves. It will be a great navigation tool through the acceptance process. Moreover, it serves as a foundational guide for families and friends to understand their loved one's BFRB experience.
  • Eric Storch, Ph.D. McIngvale Presidential Endowed Chair & Professor Vice Chair & Head of Psychology, Menninger Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Baylor College of Medicine

    Drs. Deibler and Reinardy have crafted a must-read text for any person struggling with a BFRB. This comprehensive book describes evidence-based strategies in an easy-to-read and understand manner. Drs. Deibler and Reinardy have successfully provided a one-stop shop for individuals to learn tools which will undoubtedly enhance outcomes and foster skills to effectively manage their BFRB.