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The Child's World, Third Edition

The Essential Guide to Assessing Vulnerable Children, Young People and their Families
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This definitive textbook provides accessible information on best practice for assessing the needs and strengths of vulnerable children and their families. It explores the challenges that practitioners face routinely - with suggestions as to how to address them - as well as the established areas for assessment, of children's developmental needs, parenting ability and motivation, and socio-economic factors.

This new edition has been extended substantially to include recent practice, policy and theoretical developments, such as understanding the lived experience of children, young people, and family members. It also considers children's neurological development, assessing parental capacity to change, early help assessments, emerging areas of practice such as child sexual exploitation, and working with asylum-seeking and trafficked children.

Crucially, this updated edition takes a broader approach in offering relevant information to a range of professionals working with vulnerable children. The importance of inter-professional working is emphasised throughout.
  • Published: Dec 06 2018
  • 245 x 186mm
  • ISBN: 9781785921162
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Press Reviews

  • Professor Nick Frost Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, U.K.

    If there is a 'Highway Code' for children's social work then this book is it. Updated to reflect recent developments it retains its timeless and classic quality. An indispensable text for all social work practitioners and teachers.
  • Trevor Spratt, Professor in Childhood Research and Director of Trinity Research in Childhood Centre, Trinity College Dublin

    The third edition of the Child's World offers continuities with developed understandings in combination with new insights into the world children inhabit. It's central message is that while children and their families may face may challenges, these are rarely insurmountable. The advice given is succinct, clearly articulated and grounded in hopeful realism - telling us much, along the way, of the professional's world. I would recommend this book to anyone working with children who wants to be better informed with regard to both their world and indeed their own.
  • Elizabeth Holmes, teacher at Chichester University and education writer

    This completely rewritten and expanded edition of The Child's World is an excellent resource. Its robust and reliable insights from experts in the field of assessing vulnerable children, young people and families will greatly help to ensure a nuanced understanding of how those working in the child welfare field can best take an individualised approach to children's needs.
  • Danielle Twigg, Principal Social Worker, Children First Northamptonshire

    As a Principal Social Worker, I regularly support our practitioners in relation to all things practice, and explore how essential evidence informed practice is. I really like how 'The Child's World, Third Edition: The Essential Guide to Assessing Vulnerable Children, Young People and their Families' helpfully links theory, research and legislation to practice, with case examples, tools and guidance available throughout, capturing and informing practitioners practically. It is completely user friendly, and very child focused throughout. An essential must have for childcare practitioners!
  • Dr David Wilkins, Assistant Director / Cyfarwyddwr Cynorthwyol, Senior Lecturer in Social Work / Uwch Ddarlithydd mewn Gwaith Cymdeithasol CASCADE Research Centre / CASCADE Canolfan Ymchwil

    A comprehensive and expanded guide, packed with important contributions from some of the field's leading thinkers, researchers and practitioners. Everyone who reads it will learn something new about how best to assess - and help - children and their families.
  • Shelley Caldwell, PSW, North Somerset Council

    The ASYE's are using it and as I walk around the teams I see it on their desks! Please pass this on to colleagues, it's such a comprehensive book and extremely helpful. I have quoted parts of it in some recent practice guidance.