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The Creative Cognitive Therapy Method

10 sessions that combine traditional CBT with Art Therapy for lasting change
  • Author
    • Pamela Hayes Malkoff
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The Creative Cognitive Therapy Method is a short-term, 10-session, solution-focused therapy combining cognitive-behavioural therapy with art therapy, designed to help people heal from a variety of issues affecting their mental health and overall wellbeing. This program helps people to stay focused, gain new perspectives and enhance their daily coping skills to reduce anxiety, addictive behaviours, depression and anger.
The book includes a full overview of the Creative Cognitive Therapy Method and how to apply it, whether as a part of clinical practice or as self-help. Each of the 10 sessions is clearly laid out with quotes to inspire, goals, CBT interventions and their explanations, art therapy interventions, discussion questions, and easy-to-understand homework assignments.
The Creative Cognitive Therapy Method provides people with the tools and mindset to individualize their healing and self-discovery to create lasting changes in their lives.
  • Published: Oct 21 2024
  • Pages: 176
  • ISBN: 9781805011590
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Press Reviews

  • Amy E. Huxtable, author of The Graphic Guide to Art Therapy

    Hayes seamlessly intertwined CBT techniques with art therapy and presented her protocol in a down-to-earth style, making for a nonthreatening approach to self-discovery and self-compassion. The author effectively illustrated each session by including metaphors, case examples, and personal experiences that are sure to stick with readers long after they finish the book. The Creative Cognitive Therapy Method is a delightful companion for anyone on a journey of personal growth and an innovative resource for art therapists.