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The Emotional Literacy Toolkit for ADHD

Strategies for Better Emotional Regulation and Peer Relationships in Children and Teens
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Challenges with emotional regulation and rejection sensitivity can disproportionately affect children and teens with ADHD, impacting on their development at school and their relationship with their peers.

Developed for children and young people who experience difficulties with emotional regulation, SEND specialist Sonia Ali, shares a mentoring Intervention programme to support a child or young person with this issue at school or at home. Covering concepts like the fight, flight or freeze response and the 'Window of Tolerance', managing anger outbursts and overwhelm or navigating conflict with peers, this easily digestible book will help educators and carers support children and teens to develop core emotional literacy skills in an enjoyable way!

This accessible, step-by-step guide is packed with activities, including role-play situations, discussion-based statements, quizzes and more. The programme can be followed sequentially or 'dipped into' to support a child with a particular issue when relevant.

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  • Published: Nov 21 2023
  • Pages: 144
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781839974267
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Press Reviews

  • Jo Steer

    An excellent guide and support to everyday emotional health challenges faced when you have ADHD. Whether it's struggling with anger, social anxiety or rejection sensitivity this book will help you understand what is happening and provides brilliant ideas for next steps.
  • Valerie Ivens, ADHD Coach and advocate

    Once again Sonia has produced a quite brilliant, relevant and helpful guide to understanding and managing the often challenging emotional characteristics of ADHD. Sonia's deep understanding of the condition means that her publications are beautifully and clearly Written with a helpful and logical style which allows student and mentor to work through challenging emotions carefully and positively. Emotional Regulation remains a very much misunderstood aspect of ADHD but can cause struggles with friendships , family life and self esteem. This toolkit offers a succinct, relevant and up to date work which will be a real gamechanger