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The Gambling Disorder Treatment Handbook

A Guide for Mental Health Professionals
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This handbook provides mental health professionals with a thorough understanding of the biopsychosocial nature of disordered gambling and shares current evidence-based theories, interventions and strategies to use in clinical practice.

It provides guidance for working with individuals of any age and covers different gambling modes, activities and subtypes, including new forms of gambling through online and virtual platforms. Drawing on the authors' substantial experience working with and researching gambling addiction, it considers how treatment can be specialized for particular client groups, including trauma survivors, military, older adults, adolescents and diverse communities. It provides detailed diagnostic and screening resources and includes important information on the financial and legal aspects.

This is essential reading for any therapist treating clients with gambling disorder.
  • Published: Mar 18 2021
  • Pages: 224
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781787755529
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Press Reviews

  • Elizabeth Mulvaney, MSW, LCSW-PA, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work

    Not all addictions are the same, so treating them should address the unique features of the addiction, in this case gambling disorder. Bechtold and Wilson highlight aspects of gambling disorder that differ from other addictions and provide concrete ideas for therapists and other professional helpers to improve their practice, whether they treat the gambling or refer someone for treatment. The rich details are rooted in up-to-date evidence, and case examples illustrate how to tailor and use core therapeutic skills in treating persons with gambling disorder and their families. They explain how boundary setting, addressing suicidal thoughts and behaviors, addressing finances, and interacting with and documenting for the judicial system are critical and different for people facing gambling problems. It highlights key screening and assessment tools and provides resources that can supplement therapy and increase the likelihood of recovery. This book offers insights for both new and seasoned professionals.
  • Lori Rugle, PhD, ICGC-II/BACC

    The Gambling Disorder Handbook by Jody Bechtold and Alyssa Wilson is the most comprehensive, current guide for the treatment of gambling disorder I have encountered. It provides a solid, evidence-informed rationale for a broad range of treatment approaches while also addressing "real-life" clinical applications. The authors, using their significant clinical experience, also address under-researched topics that are critical to the treatment of gambling disorder such as financial management, restitution, money protection planning and coping with legal issues. This book is a must have for any clinician working with clients and their families struggling with gambling disorder.
  • Deborah G. Haskins, Ph.D., LCPC, ACS, MAC, ICGC-II, CCGSO, BACC Owner/Chief Clinical Consultant – MOSAIC Consulting and Counseling Services President, Maryland Council on Problem Gambling

    New to treating gambling disorders? Struggling to translate theory/research? Well, Bechtold and Wilson provide an updated, clear, concise, practical, and evidence-based treatment guide. Current trends, gambling subtypes, holistic emphasis, case illustrations, and models of intervention--application connect the dots! This is a must-read treatment roadmap for every addiction professional.
  • Josh Ercole, Executive Director of the Council on Compulsive Gambling of Pennsylvania

    A must read! "The Gambling Disorder Treatment Handbook" serves as a much needed, modern resource for those treating problem gambling. Addressing a wide range of relevant topics and offering up to date statistics, this book is a valuable asset to any treatment professional, educator or parent dealing with gambling related issues.
  • Neva Pryor, MS

    I appreciate the opportunity to review and recommend this informative and well laid out manuscript written by Jody Bechtold and Alyssa Wilson. I am sure the clinicians that will utilize this book will gain the knowledge necessary to provide excellent therapeutic skills to the problem/disordered gambler. I look forward to being able to share this book with our treatment providers. The case studies will help the clinician to understand the dynamics of the problem/disordered gambler. I would recommend this book to others in this field.