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The Gender Deck

100 Cards for Conversations about Gender Identity
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This unique pack of 100 cards provides a useful tool to help guide conversations about gender identity in individual, group, family, professional and school settings.

With vibrant and inclusive designs, the four color-coded categories - consisting of reflective questions, interactive activities, interview-style questions and supportive questions - are designed to prompt and encourage deep, reflective and supportive discussions about topics related to gender identity, gender expression and relationships.

Developed by a renowned trans-identified psychotherapist, and with an accompanying guidebook instructing users on different formats and activities in which the cards can be used, this card deck is an ideal resource for professionals working with trans, non-binary and/or queer clients to have in their therapeutic toolkit.
  • Published: Jan 19 2023
  • 138 x 104mm
  • ISBN: 9781839974366
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Press Reviews

  • Alex Iantaffi, PhD, MS, SEP, CST, LMFT Award-winning Author of "Gender Trauma: healing, cultural, social, and historical gendered trauma" & "How To Understand Your Gender

    Talking about gender can be challenging, whether it's in therapy, at home, or at school. This deck offers useful prompts for conversation alongside ideas for how to play with it and guidelines to ensure thoughtful moderation. It's also beautifully illustrated! A great tool for a broad range of ages, which can be used in almost any setting.