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All Dogs...& Other Stories | The Kathy Hoopmann Collection

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Buy the whole collection of Kathy Hoopmann books, packed with colourful photos of cute animals, especially to celebrate your's or your child's neurodivergent traits! 

All About Dyspraxia

A perfect introduction to dyspraxia for those recently diagnosed with the condition, as well as their families, friends, and the people who work with them.

All Cats Are On the Autism Spectrum 

Touching, humorous and insightful, this book evokes all the joys and challenges of being on the autism spectrum, leaving the reader with a sense of the dignity, individuality and the potential of autistic people.

All Dogs Have ADHD

Charming colour photographs of dogs bring to life familiar ADHD characteristics such as being restless and excitable, getting easily distracted, and acting on impulse. 

All Birds Have Anxiety

From worrying about airplanes, windows, and getting enough worms to eat, it is clear that birds can be anxious beings. All Birds Have Anxiety uses colourful images and astute explanations to explore with gentle humour what it means to live with anxiety day-to-day, and how to begin to deal with it.

In this JKP exclusive, all four books are available for the price of just £37.99. That gives you a saving of nearly £5!

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