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The Mindful Magician and the Trip to Feelings Town

Tips and Tricks to Help the Youngest Readers Regulate their Emotions and Senses
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  • Published: Apr 21 2023
  • Pages: 72
  • 246 x 244mm
  • ISBN: 9781839971389
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We are going to take a trip to a very special town called Feelings Town. In this town there are kids who need our help because they are having different super-strong feelings. Do you ever feel angry, sad or worried, get startled by big sounds, or not realise how hungry you are?

Don't worry, the Mindful Magician is here to help! In this book you'll learn fun tricks that will ZAP those feelings away. If we use them the right way, we can save the day for kids who need our help! And the best bit is once you've learned those powers, you will be able to use them yourself anytime you feel those feelings!

This illustrated picture book shows children aged 5+ different self-regulation strategies for dealing with strong emotions and overwhelming sensory experiences, and how to understand interoceptive senses. The interactive story normalises struggling with tricky emotions and senses while offering a helping hand dealing with them, and there is further guidance for adults at the end of the story and advice on other self-regulation strategies.

Press Reviews

  • Sue Atkins Parenting Broadcaster, Speaker & Author of the ‘Can Do Kid’s Journal: Discover Your Confidence Superpower’

    Self-regulation helps children learn, behave well, get along with others and become independent, but it can be difficult as it involves children developing the ability to regulate their strong emotions, like frustration, excitement, anger, and anxiety and to manage their behaviour to enable them to act in positive ways. This is a wonderful book to help. I love these really fun but practical ideas to help a child who is feeling overwhelmed by their strong emotions - from the 'touch your nose and clap your hands, the palm push to wiggle fists' Lauren Brukner's book gives children and parents the tools and strategies to help a child learn to manage their overwhelming feelings all through warm, responsive & practical support. Using these simple strategies, a younger child will learn these empowering ways to self-regulate and learn how to behave in new situations with less guidance from their caregiver.
  • Dr Sue Knowles, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Lead for CMCAFS, and Author (My Anxiety Handbook; The Anxiety Survival Guide; My Intense Emotions Handbook; My Life after Trauma Handbook)

    I have always been a big fan of Lauren's books, and suggest them to families all the time, so I was very excited to read an early version of this one. What a great book - to help our children to better understand their emotional and sensory experiences, and learn a range of self-regulation tools, through step-by-step instructions and beautiful illustrations. I highly recommend.
  • Winnie Dunn, PhD OTR FAOTA Distinguished Professor, University of Missouri, Certified Positive Psychology Coach

    Who doesn't want MAGIC to make life better? This author shows simple ways for children to be bosses of their reactions to intense situations. They make it OK to be sensitive, fidgety, overwhelmed and show it's just being yourself! Most importantly, my 5-year-old grandson loved the stories.
  • Jennifer Cooke, Author of The Asperkid’s (Secret) Book of Social Rules and The Asperkids series

    Feelings are big things, and when you're a littler person, those big feelings can get pretty overwhelming pretty fast. In her latest book, Lauren Brukner tackles those emotions and gives kids a great map to navigate their way to calm empowerment.