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The Multi-Sensory Reminiscence Activity Book

52 Weekly Group Session Plans for Working with Older Adults
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With a key theme for every week of the year, this resource contains extended multi-sensory reminiscence group session plans for older adults.

Written by experienced occupational therapists, it provides detailed session plans for running successful and therapeutically-valuable activities within group sessions, from remembering school days to celebrating the natural wonders of the British Isles. Each plan has been developed to be suitable for people with a variety of abilities, including for those with dementia, and help to support memory, sensory function, confidence, communication, connection, as well as overall physical and emotional wellbeing. Activities range from cognitive activities such as word games, food tasting, music and poetry to group discussions. Session plans are accompanied by downloadable colour photographs and word cards to be used as tools for discussion.
  • Published: Nov 21 2017
  • Pages: 240
  • 277 x 213mm
  • ISBN: 9781785922398
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Press Reviews

  • Rayya Ghul, Occupational Therapy Educator, Canterbury Christ Church University

    This book has a year's worth of well-chosen topics rather than relying on past events, which makes it much more inclusive and sustainable than many similar resources. The detailed descriptions of each session are very easy for anyone to follow.
  • Jackie Pool DipCOT, UK Head of Memory Care and Programming, Sunrise Senior Living

    This book offers the activity provider with access to the wealth of experience of the occupational therapist authors. With 52 multi-sensory reminiscence group session plans it provides group facilitators with the ideas and resources to run seasonally-themed activities that support reminiscence through the use of all the senses, stimulating not only long term memory but also sensory-motor skills and function. This will be a great resource for care homes and day services for older adults, particularly those living with memory loss and cognitive difficulties.
  • Marion Betts, Senior Occupational Therapy Technical Instructor

    From experienced group facilitators to those who are new to the role, these sessions are invaluable. They are practical and easy to use and the topics covered are diverse and stimulating. They would appeal to a wide age range within older adults. I have worked for 20 years facilitating groups for older adults and I would snap up this book.