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The Panda on PDA

A Children's Introduction to Pathological Demand Avoidance
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In this positive, gentle and PDA-friendly guide for young children, PDA is explained by a playful Panda who has PDA and is very proud of it. The Panda is full of talents and strengths, but finds it very hard to do what others want. In fact, the Panda has become great at climbing trees and bamboo, and hiding in caves to escape demands!

The Panda addresses the challenges and struggles of PDA honestly, but can also thrive and live a happy life in the right environment, when supported by others.
  • Published: Jul 14 2022
  • Pages: 40
  • 214 x 214mm
  • ISBN: 9781839970061
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Press Reviews

  • Clare Truman, teacher and education consultant supporting autistic students, author of The Teacher's Introduction to Pathological Demand Avoidance

    This book is a wonderful introduction to PDA for children and young people. Full of positivity about pandas' strengths and honesty about the challenges, it is a brilliant resource for opening up conversations with a PDAer about what PDA means to them. I look forward to sharing it with my students.
  • Helen Evans, CEO, PDA Society

    Dr Durà-Vilà's wealth of PDA experience and expertise shines through in this beautiful, affirming book. Rebecca's charming illustrations bring the PDA panda ambassador to life as it guides young PDAers in understanding their profile of autism and how they can best be supported. With colourful heartfelt drawings from PDA children there's so much to like about this book, I would highly recommend [it] to any family starting their PDA journey.
  • Danielle Jata-Hall is a parent of a PDA daughter; she is also a blogger, advocate, children's author and an online campaigner.

    This beautifully illustrated, friendly book invites the PDA child to join their tribe using the masterful tool of a de-personalised panda (who co-authors the book and openly involves the child on every page). The information is presented creatively and communicated in a non-demanding style; perfect for a PDA reader. Dr Glòria has managed to create a resource that will inspire many children to be their authentic self and is highly recommended as a great starting point to introduce PDA to a young audience.
  • Dr Judy Eaton, consultant clinical psychologist and author of A Guide to Mental Health Issues in Girls and Young Women on the Autism Spectrum.

    The Panda on PDA is a sensitively written and beautifully illustrated book which explains PDA in a way that younger children will easily understand. There is a lovely balance between the challenges these young people face and the positive characteristics many of them display when well-understood and supported. I would highly recommend this book for any parent living with a PDA child, or professional supporting one.
  • Ruth Fidler, author and education consultant supporting complex presentations of autism and wellbeing.

    A delightful book with beautiful illustrations that will appeal to younger readers. It presents a charming, positive character who explains PDA and supports adults in conversations with young children to offer them a better understanding of their own unique profile.
  • Laura Kerbey, autism and education consultant

    This beautifully illustrated book will help children with PDA to understand their amazing, unique brains and their feelings and emotions in a wonderfully positive and relatable way. PDA is described in a way that is helpful, clear and child friendly. This book will be beneficial to children with PDA, their siblings, peers, parents and wider family. I love the fact that children can personalise their books too!
  • Phil Christie, Consultant Child Psychologist and author of Collaborative Approaches to Learning for Pupils with PDA

    This beautifully illustrated book introduces PDA (some strengths, difficulties and things that might help), through the eyes and lives of Pandas (bears with a particular style of autism). It is aimed to be read with younger children and has lots of interactive elements and opportunities to personalise the content. It's an excellent resource to introduce children in a positive way to some complex ideas and will be as helpful to the adult reading it with them as it will to the child him or herself!
  • Harry Thompson, autistic PDA adult and author of The PDA Paradox

    First of all: explaining autism and PDA through the prism of bears is nothing short of genius. This alone draws one in, and to then be guided through the pages by such informed and compassionate writing makes this book a very riveting read indeed.
  • Nicola Reekie, owner of The PDA Space

    A colourful and charming book that is full of self-awareness messages for children of all ages. Creatively written so that the child can see their own traits and differences through the medium of Pandas!!! Useful for a child starting on their journey of self-discovery that does encourages the child to look within themselves. I'm sure that they will keep returning to it over time to just check in and support themselves by using the positive language and scenarios to see that the differences that society may see in them are perfectly normal.