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The People in a Girl's Life

How to Find Them, Better Understand Them and Keep Them
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Written for girls and young women who have difficulty understanding people around them, The People in a Girl's Life will help them to better comprehend family, friends, employers and many others they face every day. Presented as a series of letters between daughter, Kate Downey, and mother, Martha Kate Downey, the authors openly discuss the particular problems that occur when young women struggle to gain the skills and understanding necessary to live happily with the people in their lives. This book provides an insight into problems that many adolescent girls with intellectual disabilities face today and can serve as a starting point for discussion between parents and daughters about the sensitive issues of growing up.

They both invite you sit down with them for a chat as you read The People in a Girl's Life.
  • Published: Jun 18 2002
  • Pages: 128
  • 215 x 182mm
  • ISBN: 9781843107071
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