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The Quick Guide to Therapeutic Parenting

A Visual Introduction
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Therapeutic parenting is not your usual parenting style. It's a special, specific way to raise kids who have experienced trauma in their past, and requires a lot of commitment and determination - this is about far more than love and care.

But where do you start?

This book is the ideal first step for anyone who wants to understand how therapeutic parenting works. It offers simple summaries of the key ideas behind it, fully illustrated throughout with informative cartoons and graphics. Over 40 different issues are covered, from dysregulation and fear, to setting boundaries and parenting in the midst of trauma.

The perfect introduction for new therapeutic parents, family members, teachers or other adults who need to help support you and your child, this Quick Guide will also be a source of inspiration for more experienced parents.
  • Published: Jun 18 2020
  • 214 x 136mm
  • ISBN: 9781787753570
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Press Reviews

  • Daniel Thrower, CEO and Anne Oakley, Attachment Lead, The Wensum Educational Trust, Norwich

    Using light-hearted analogies and their wealth of first-hand knowledge, Sarah Naish and Sarah Dillon encourage us all to see the behaviour of children with developmental trauma in a whole new light. This accessible Quick Guide is a source of enlightenment, comfort and hope for all parents and professionals. It will help us to discover what the authors describe as 'the hidden path', so we can translate and see behaviour as a means of communication and in doing so support healing. For the sake of the increasing number of children with developmental trauma, everybody needs to tread this path.
  • Jen Dalby, Therapeutic parent

    What an amazing book! I read through each part and can easily put children's names to the behaviours that are explained. It's funny, serious, passionate reassuring and very helpful to any Therapeutic parent. The way it is written makes it ideal for a quick ten minute read/reminder for specific behaviours or a longer introduction for less experienced TPs. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and sure that it will help thousands of other parents.