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The Simple Guide to Attachment Difficulties in Children

What They Are and How to Help
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· What are attachment difficulties?
· How do they affect children?
· How can you help?

This book provides clear and concise answers to these important questions - and more.

Much more than just a simple introduction to the subject of attachment, the book is also full of advice and practical ideas you can try. It tackles some challenging questions, such as 'what is the difference between trauma and attachment?', and explains how having an understanding of attachment is only part of the overall picture when it comes to caring for traumatized children.

It is an essential read for any adult parenting or caring for a child who has experienced attachment difficulties.
  • Published: Jul 18 2019
  • 194 x 130mm
  • ISBN: 9781785926396
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Press Reviews

  • Ben Rockett, PhD, Research Psychologist

    Out of a complex field of study De Thierry's latest works have delivered prime knowledge that is easy-to-grasp. This simple guide will increase confidence to supportively approach attachment difficulties and through its easily applied teachings will play a powerful role in strengthening relationships. A must read for anybody working with children and caregivers.
  • Charlotte Lucas, parent, owner and founder of Free Rangers Nursery, UK

    This book is easily digestible yet manages to cover the well researched topic of attachment brilliantly. As a nursery owner I will be ensuring my team read this and as a mum of three boys, I have taken the guidelines and easily accessible advice laid out in the book and reflected on my own parenting techniques that can so easily be tweaked to ensure stronger and more positive attachments with all three of my children. Thank you Betsy. It's great that someone has taken the time to digest these huge topics and present them so that we all may have a positive impact on children's lives.