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The Teacher's Introduction to Attachment

Practical Essentials for Teachers, Carers and School Support Staff
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Simple and concise, The Teacher's Introduction to Attachment offers an easy way to understand children with attachment issues and how they can be supported.

Author Nicola Marshall combines her expertise as an adoptive parent and schools trainer to describe in plain English what attachment is, how children develop attachment problems and how these problems affect a child's social, emotional and neurological development. She addresses some of the difficulties in identifying attachment issues in children - common among children who are in care or adopted, but which are sometimes mistaken for symptoms of ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder. Nicola also describes a range of helpful principles and practical strategies which will help children flourish - from simple tips for the individual on how to improve their communication to the changes a school can make to reduce a child's anxiety about changes and transitions.

Ideal for teachers and support staff to pick up and use, this book is an essential addition to any school's staff library.
  • Published: Jul 21 2014
  • Pages: 160
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781849055505
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Press Reviews

  • Phil Thomas, Teacher, Headteacher and Resilience Trainer

    I found this book to be enormously helpful and also reassuring. It bolstered my toolkit of resources to understand and help the vulnerable children I come across - and it reassured me that I am equipped to help: those children I think are hard to reach are actually within my reach and I can be the person to help them... Compassionate and intelligent [this is] an accessible book for all.
  • Janet Mordue, Teenage Advice Centre co-ordinator, foster carer

    Very easy to read and understand. I would recommend this book to all foster carers and adoptive parents.
  • Kirsty Stone, English Leader and Key Stage 1 Co-ordinator, Perryfields Primary School, Sandwell

    This would be so useful to us in school. I have been talking to the teacher I work with about a particular boy since reading the book and we both feel that his behaviour can now be explained which will help him and us a great deal.
  • Christopher J. McGlinn, Ph.D., Clinical Coordinator, The Elwyn Davidson School, Pennsylvania, USA

    More than anyone else, teachers and school staff need to learn about the critical role that attachment plays in the performance, behaviour, and wellbeing of their students. Nicola Marshall's clear and concise explanation of attachment makes it readily accessible to the reader. Her 'guiding principles' will help educational professionals adopt the kind of mindset that one needs when trying to teach students with disrupted attachment.
  • Emma Collier, Teaching Assistant, Blossomfield Infant School, Shirley, Birmingham

    Easy to understand and written in a very informative way. I think all teachers and adults who work with children should read this. It might open their eyes a bit.
  • SEN Magazine

    This book is...very useful, informative and thoughtful... The author is an adoptive parent who runs her own training company supporting schools in terms of attachment and classroom implications... The book covers very difficult issues with sensitivity and provides those working in schools with sound advice... There is much practical advice and this book would form the useful basis for staff professional development when delivered by appropriately trained leaders. Highly recommended.