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The Trauma Treasure Deck

A Creative Tool for Assessments, Interventions, and Learning for Work with Adversity and Stress in Children and Adults
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Dr Karen Treisman has designed this versatile and colourful card deck of 110 cards enabling practitioners to support children, teens or adults who have experienced trauma, stress or adversity.

The cards are organized into four different types: sentence completion cards, survival response cards, signals/signs cards and different types of trauma cards. In combination, the cards provide you with a rich resource which enables you to:

· Increase understanding of the multi-layered impact of trauma, stress, and adversity - including common sensory, physical, emotional, cognitive and relational aspects.
· Deepen assessment and information-gathering
· Reflect on progress and the journey
· Inform goals and focus interventions
· Identify survival responses, feelings and experiences
· Use metaphors, analogies and symbols to support Find new ways to name, label or describe experiences or feelings
· Increase empathy, understanding and compassion
· Support reflection and curiosity
· Explore the wider lens of trauma - including cultural, intergenerational, medical, war trauma etc.

And much more!

Developed to be inclusive of a variety of learning styles, abilities and language skills, the pack can be used with individuals, groups, teams and organizations. Accompanied by a comprehensive explanatory booklet, they will enable you to create assessments, psychoeducation and interventions which are playful, enriching and creative.

This resource is also complemented by a host of bestselling publications and card sets all created by Dr Treisman (search on 'Therapeutic Treasures Collection' to discover them all!).
  • Published: May 19 2022
  • 140 x 104mm
  • ISBN: 9781839971372
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