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The Ultimate Self-Esteem Toolkit

25 Tools to Boost Confidence, Achieve Goals, and Find Happiness
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Do you ever struggle with self-confidence? Or find it difficult to speak about yourself kindly? Finding the self-esteem to navigate high-stress situations and achieve your goals can often feel like an impossible feat, but The Ultimate Self-Esteem Toolkit is the perfect aid to change that.

Written by a therapist with many years' experience supporting people to build their confidence, this book provides re-affirming, practical tools and creative exercises to encourage you in developing a healthy sense of self-esteem.

With 25 different techniques based on CBT, positive psychology, mindfulness, and narrative therapy, find out which strategies work best for you in developing your resiliency and confidence and transform the way you view yourself.

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  • Published: Mar 21 2023
  • Pages: 176
  • 170 x 242mm
  • ISBN: 9781839974748
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Press Reviews

  • Dr Tamara Soles, psychologist, podcast host, and founder of The Secure Child Centre, Montreal

    Reading The Ultimate Self-Esteem Toolkit was like covering myself in a 'Kindness Blanket' (one of Risa Williams' many compassionate esteem-boosting strategies in this book). With her signature wisdom and her ability to distill neuroscience into the most powerful and accessible tools, Williams has created the handbook for anyone looking to boost their self-esteem. This is an important and much needed book that will empower individuals to feel better about themselves right now and I've already started implementing it with myself and my clients with tremendous results! Another fantastic book from Risa Williams!
  • Eden Byrne, licensed therapist and EMDR practitioner

    This book is such a lovely read. Risa Williams' third book adds even more original and creative tools to boost our confidence, achieve our goals, and help us appreciate who we truly are. If you are looking for new ways to feel more kindness toward yourself, read this book!
  • Stevon Lewis, licensed therapist, author, and host of How to Talk to High Achievers About Anything

    Risa Williams does an amazing job at breaking down the complexities of self-esteem. The tools she uses are clear and concise, with relatable examples that make it easy for anyone to connect with. As a psychotherapist myself, I was interested in the section entitled, "The Evidence Investigator", because people often accept their thinking as fact and fail to evaluate it to see if it is logical and rational based on the evidence they have. This book teaches people how to engage in the metacognitive process, or thinking about their own thinking, which is crucial to shaping our perceptions of ourselves.