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Thera-Build® with LEGO®

A Playful Therapeutic Approach for Promoting Emotional Well-Being in Children
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Thera-Build' is a LEGO®-based therapeutic approach for improving children's emotional well-being. Participation in Thera-Build groups can help to boost self-esteem, address common issues such as anxiety and anger, support social development and build positive attachments.

This inspiring and user-friendly guide explores the power of play, introduces the basics of brain plasticity and attachment theory, and shows exactly how to set up and run an effective Thera-Build group. A wide range of imaginative games and activities is included.
  • Published: May 21 2018
  • Pages: 168
  • 228 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781785924927
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Press Reviews

  • Dr Karen Treisman, Clinical Psychologist, trainer, and author of 'A Therapeutic Treasure Box for Working with Developmental Trauma', 'Working with Relational and Developmental Trauma', and 'A Treasure Deck of Sentence-Completion and Feelings Cards'.

    This book is accessible, creative, fun, imaginative, informative, sensitive, and so much more! It takes an item that so many children love and find familiar and non-threatening; and provides the reader with a whole range of fantastic and therapeutic ways of using lego and expanding on lego play. It combines using lego in a playful way, but also in a way that supports children to express themselves, to regulate, to trust, and to develop key life and relational skills. A wonderful contribution to the direct-working world.
  • Dawn James, Inclusion Lead and SENCo.

    An easy-to-read, practical book, presenting everything needed to facilitate a valuable therapeutic resource for vulnerable children. A great guide to use for interventions in the primary school.
  • Sue Egersdorff - Founder and Director of International Early Years

    This is a refreshing book for this moment in education. Through the medium of bricks, Alyson Thomsen explores the developmental and emotional realities of the child with compassion and sensitivity. The structure of the book brings theory and practical ideas together seamlessly. A must-read for reflective and playful educators and parents who want to understand the motivations behind great learning. A gem!
  • Stephen Dean, Headteacher at Highnam C of E Primary Academy & Lego Builder

    This book helpfully demonstrates the power of Lego to inspire, engage and energise pupils. Aly has a wealth of experience of working with pupils and this is evident in the advice and suggestions shared. Each chapter helps to build up a picture to enable the reader to successfully implement the Thera-Build process. This book will undoubtedly be of great benefit to schools, parents and mostly importantly our pupils.
  • Adriana Sklenar, Pastoral Support Team, Hester’s Way Primary School

    Thera-Build is a truly wonderful therapeutic approach in supporting children's needs. This book is an easy-to-read guide to help practitioners facilitate activities using the medium of LEGO®, specifically targeting areas of need and providing an overall understanding to enable professionals to help stimulate children's imaginations in a playful way in order to reach their true potential.
  • Dr Pooky Knightsmith, Vice Chair of the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition

    Alyson provides a perfect route in to playing with purpose. Drawing both on her experience as a practitioner and the growing evidence-base around therapeutic play, Alyson has developed a deceptively simple, safe approach that has the potential to impact children deeply.
  • Elsa Struwig, social worker

    This book will definitely have a central place on my bookshelf. As an avid LEGO® builder and child therapist I am forever seeking ways to combine one of my favourite activities with my vocation. Thera-Build successfully supplied me with a primer full of new ideas and techniques. The book is easy to read and clearly set out. The author assists novice and experienced clinicians, teachers and others working with children to understand the challenges children face. It demonstrates how to build a child's resilience, provide them with a safe and respectful environment, and support them.
  • Hazel Obee, Learning Support Worker at The Milestone School in Gloucester
    I can honestly say this book is my Lego Bible! From not knowing where to start the sessions, this book takes you through how to deliver playful, fun and postive experiences for the children using a therapeutic approach. Aly is a brilliant trainer with so much passion for Lego you can not help but love it too.