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Theraplay® – Innovations and Integration

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Officially endorsed by The Theraplay® Institute, this handbook builds on the core concepts of Theraplay® and explores innovative ways to integrate the approach with other therapeutic models for diverse settings and client groups.
The book features chapters on the neurobiology of Theraplay®, Tele-Theraplay, and men in Theraplay®, as well as advice for working with traumatized children, neurodivergent children, intergenerational trauma, and homelessness. Throughout the handbook, you'll be encouraged to challenge the limits of your practice and discover new ways to approach challenges using techniques rooted in extensive research-based evidence. Contributions from a wide variety of specialists create a rich tapestry of expertise, providing practical recommendations for integrating Theraplay® with other modalities to give clients the best support for their unique needs.
Essential reading for Theraplay® trainees, play therapy practitioners, and professionals working with children, this guide explains the practical applications of cutting-edge research and provides a flexible, effective approach to your practice.
  • Published: Aug 21 2023
  • 228 x 150mm
  • ISBN: 9781787755918
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Press Reviews

  • Kim S Golding, CBE, DDP trainer and author

    This book conveys the flexibility of the Theraplay model both in its application to diverse populations and the ease with which it can be integrated with other approaches. This is a book to take down from the shelf and dip into. New insights will be found each time it is revisited.
  • Shannon Murphy Cerise, MSW, LCSW SMC Counseling Services, PLLC Dallas, Texas, USA

    A game-changer for practitioners! Theraplay ® - Innovations and Integration expanded my clinical imagination. Inspires and motivates to further center Theraplay® in my work with children and families.
  • Barbara Godden, Director - CairnsMoir Connections

    A great addition to existing Theraplay titles from JKP. Exploring not only the history of Theraplay this book charts its integration with other therapeutic models, with many examples of vibrant innovative practice.
  • Emily Jernberg, PhD, clinical psychologist, daughter of Ann Jernberg

    Ann Jernberg, founder of Theraplay and The Theraplay Institute, author of the 1979 seminal book on Theraplay, would be thrilled to know how Theraplay integrates with so many other therapeutic modalities.
  • Amelia Oldfield, Emeritus Professor, Anglia Ruskin University

    A refreshing new look at Theraplay from different perspectives and philosophies, and in combination with other therapies such as music therapy, dramatherapy and family therapy. A must-read for any playful therapist!