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Therapy in Colour

Intersectional, Anti-Racist and Intercultural Approaches by Therapists of Colour
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If you are seeking to create a more intersectional, anti-racist, and inter-cultural approach to therapy, this edited collection emerging from the Black, African and Asian Therapy Network is an invaluable resource for your practice.
This collection covers topics such as the psychological trauma of racism, the various barriers to accessing support for mental health and the lived experience of Black, African, or Asian people in a profession that is still dominated by Eurocentric perspectives, training, and practice. Each contribution further reinforces the importance and benefit of having an intersectional, anti-racist, and inter-cultural approach to your therapeutic practice and contains insight from 27 experts in the psychological arena.
This book is split into four sections - the first focusses on colour, creativity, and anti-racist reflections. Part two covers training in the psychological field in the past, present, and future. Part three discusses CPD, supervision and self-care with a specific focus on mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional health and lastly, part five centralises therapeutic needs and psychological wellbeing within the context of identity, culture, and belonging.
  • Published: Jun 15 2023
  • 242 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781839975707
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Press Reviews

  • Dr Dwight Turner, Course Leader in Humanistic Psychotherapy, University of Brighton and author of Intersections of Privilege and Otherness in Counselling and Psychotherapy

    These are Therapists of Colour from across the generations, who have come together to present some of the most interesting and far-reaching thoughts and clinical ideas that counsellors of colour have had maybe for a generation. A book like this, is a bit like a rare event. It therefore deserves to be both witnessed and read and studied.
  • Fanny Brewster, Ph.D., M.F.A., LP, author of The Racial Complex: A Jungian Perspective on Culture and Race

    Therapy in Colour is a brilliant teaching for practicing clinicians, psychoanalytical students as well as members of the general public. The heart of the book is the intense and personable way each author writes about raciality, racism and the need for introspection into the patient as well as the therapeutic process. It appears as an act of love in motion, giving language to all those places within our psyche that has been hungry for racial understanding of Afrocentrism culture, within the field of psychology. The writing within this book is a gift to inspire us all.
  • David Weaver, President of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

    This new book deftly navigates readers through a path that deeply analyses Eurocentric 'givens and perspectives' on issues relating to mental health and trauma. A core tenet is the reconfiguration of therapy by taking stock of Black communities' historical lived experience and drawing upon their cultural traditions to enrich therapeutic practice. If you are interested in anti-racist therapeutic practice, this book is a must-read.
  • Kay Hoggett, Therapy Today

    "Ellis writes that this is the book the members of the BAATN leadership team 'would have liked to have available to us when we were students' - it is hoped it will become a core text. Reflecting on my own training, I can only endorse that hope. This book would, I believe, have made a difference for all of us in my cohort and our future clients. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from it now".