Touch and Go Joe, Updated Edition

A Teen's Experience of OCD


In this down-to-earth, fun and empowering book, Joe Wells talks about his teenage experience of OCD and all the coping mechanisms and treatment options that have worked for him. It's packed full of brilliant, honest advice for others struggling with this disorder, written by someone who understands what it's like to be a teen with OCD. This updated edition with all-new illustrations includes a brand-new chapter written 16 years later, detailing how Joe overcame his disorder and is now a successful comedian.

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Press reviews for: Touch and Go Joe, Updated Edition

Tom Rosenthal

A candid and logical illustration of the irrational nonsense a mind can throw at us, Joe's unique story and powerful conclusions are much more informative and uplifting than anything I've managed to privately muster ('it really didn't matter how many times you tapped that door handle she was going to dump you anyway'.)

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