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Voices from the Spectrum

Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, People with Autism, and Professionals Share Their Wisdom
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Author of Could It Be Autism? A Parent's Guide to the First Signs and Next Steps

Voices from the Spectrum is a compelling collection of personal accounts from people on the autism spectrum and those who care for them, including professionals, friends and family members. The essays in this collection tell of both the positive and negative effects of autism on individuals and families, and pose the question: is a diagnosis on the autism spectrum a puzzle to be solved, or something to be embraced and accepted?

The broad scope of this book presents insights into the autism spectrum from many different perspectives - from first-hand accounts of the autistic child's school and childhood experiences to parents' and grandparents' reactions to a diagnosis. A number of chapters written by professionals explain their motivations for working with autistic people and reveal what they have learned from their work and how it has affected their lives. The contributors describe experiences of autism from the mildest to the most severe case, and share their methods of adapting to life on the spectrum.

Voices from the Spectrum will appeal to a wide readership of adults and younger people on the autism spectrum, their families and friends, as well as practitioners.
  • Published: Nov 01 2005
  • Pages: 272
  • 229 x 153mm
  • ISBN: 9781843107866
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Press Reviews

  • Liane Holliday Willey, Ed.D., Author of Pretending to be Normal and Asperger Syndrome in the Family

    Voices from the Spectrum is a symphony of rich density thanks to the book's contributors who graciously share their myriad of perspectives, quests, struggles, hopes, and thoughts on life mingled with autism spectrum disorders. At times easy to read and at times the kind of reading that leaves lumps in the throat and thuds in the heart, Voices from the Spectrum is always honest and genuine. I whole-heartedly recommend it.

    Voices from the Spectrum is a wonderful book to recommend to people who are in the high-functioning part of the autistic spectrum and to any other person who has any interest in comprehending the experience of having a family member with autism. It is also highly recommended as a book for students, as a means of helping them learn about the impact of ASDs on the family. The book presents a very realistic and compassionate view of what it is like to be autistic, and it gives a glimpse into the tremendous stresses on families with an autistic child. The book includes an excellent reference list of both books and Internet resources for further information about ASDs... This engrossing book of personal essays addresses the soul of autism, in terms of the impact this condition has on the family, the community, and the person who has an ASD. It is a compelling read, composed of true experiences that reveal love, pathos, patience, and persistence in the face of the unremitting demands of autism. The courageous contributors to this book have shared their personal narratives of the challenges, complications, frustrations, joys, and heartaches that autism has brought into their lives... Voices from the Spectrum makes it clear that the families and professionals who work with ASD children and adults have hearts big enough to cope with the many challenges presented by an autistic loved one. This is an inspiring book that will enrich the reader's understanding and humanity.
  • Good Autism Practice

    This book is a unique collection of essays sharing personal experiences of the autistic spectrum. The range of authors and the people and topics that they write about is diverse and allows us an insight in to the roller coaster of challenges, triumphs and personal development that is faced by all who are involved with children and adults across the spectrum... I would recommend this book particularly to parents of newly diagnosed children or professionals new to working with the autistic spectrum as it gives a straightforward and rounded look at autism, gently introducing the wide and unpredictable spectrum at a time when parents may have little understanding of what the autism label may mean and when developmental paediatricians and other professionals may be unwilling or unable to offer prognosis for the future... this book offers a very easy-to-read, accessible text. It provides honest and heart-felt accounts of the discovery, trials, tribulations, acceptance, development, personal growth and joys of parenting and working with a child on the autistic spectrum. The format of the book allows you to dip in and out at your own pace and to take from it what you need at that time.
  • Healing Magazine

    This book is a collection of 60 very personal, very emotional, very inspiring essays about the Autism Spectrum. Dr. Ariel and Dr. Naseef collected these insights to the Autism Spectrum from around the world, from Kuwait to Ireland to the U.S to Australia, each giving the reader a different perspective, a deeper understanding, of the Autism Spectrum…The authors speak of the varied emotions and life changes they experienced when a loved one was diagnosed, as well as the enlightenment some underwent in terms of their own life issues when their children were determined to be on the spectrum. Siblings talk about their love for their special brothers and sisters, and grandparents discuss their desire to help. Professionals describe the endless rewards and frequent frustrations of working with autistic children and adults and the limitations of some systems. Parents speak mostly about their love and single-minded determination to make the best life possible for their children. What comes through in each essay is the need for more: more research, more programming, more assistance to families and more understanding of autism by school systems, physicians, mental health agencies, neighbors, friends and family members. This book is enlightening and powerful and recommended to anyone who would like to gain greater understanding of the Autism Spectrum..
  • FOCUS Autism Society of Northwest Ohio Quarterly Newsletter

    Cindy Ariel and Robert Naseef have put together a collection of essays that are heartbreaking and heartwarming, by turn. All points along the autism spectrum are represented and all age groups.
  • The MAAP

    This book offers realistic perspectives, affirmation to the many groups represented and a positive and hopeful message. I would recommend this book to all.
  • Book News

    The incidence of autism, a puzzling neurologic/ communication disorder, has increased tenfold in the past 25 years, according to a couple with a psychology practice in the Philadelphia area'.