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We're All Neurodiverse Book & Tote Bag Bundle

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A rallying call to challenge neuronormativity!

Sonny Jane Wise's groundbreaking book, "We're All Neurodiverse," has ignited a new and exciting conversation.
In this JKP website exclusive, you can get your hands on the book and the tote bag at a discounted price so you can champion some of Sonny's neurodiversity-affirming ideas when you go out into the world. 

We're All Neurodiverse

This affirming and thoughtful guide outlines how and why we need to fundamentally shift our thinking about neurodivergent people. We need to accept differences rather than framing them as a problem, abnormality or disorder. Welcome to the neurodiversity paradigm. Read more.

'We're All Neurodiverse' Large Tote

This one-of-a-kind tote celebrates the book and champions a more neurodivergent-friendly world as it shares some of the ways people can shift their language to be more neurodiversity-affirming. 
In electrifying pink, It's more than just a bag; it's a conversation starter that'll catch the eye of curious minds. Read more.

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