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What Counsellors and Spiritual Directors Can Learn from Each Other

Ethical Practice, Training and Supervision
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This new edited collection explores the intersection of spiritual direction and counselling/psychotherapy, and the relationship between the two. Citing the influencing effect prayer and counselling have had on each other, the contributors offer insight into the similarities and differences of spiritual direction and counselling, and of what the disciplines have to learn from each other.

Advocating the importance of addressing the spiritual dimension of care in areas such as mental health and social care, this book promotes a synthesis of pastoral guidance and psychological counselling. The chapters offer insight to the healing role spirituality and prayer can play when counselling for trauma, sexual abuse or loss of a loved one. Whether discussing training counsellors to be spiritually literate, or exploring how spiritual accompaniers can take a psychologically-informed approach, all the contributors bring their extensive experience to bear working with spiritual and psychological issues.
  • Published: Apr 21 2017
  • Pages: 192
  • 227 x 152mm
  • ISBN: 9781785920257
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Press Reviews

  • Elizabeth Ruth Obbard, Carmelite nun, author and spiritual director

    There is today a growing interest in the interface between counselling, psychotherapy, and spiritual accompaniment. What is the way forward if it becomes apparent that a client, knowing that the counsellor is a person of faith, is hoping to receive some spiritual input also? In a collection of excellent essays some pertinent questions in this area are explored and analysed. A book to be read by all who are interested in the spiritual dimension of professional counselling.
  • Alistair Ross, Director of Psychodynamic Studies, University of Oxford

    As a psychotherapist I am often asked, "Does therapy work?" I reply that it keeps people alive. The same question can be asked about spiritual direction or spiritual accompaniment. The answer is the same. It keeps people alive. Gubi's work, and that of his fellow writers, reminds us of the vital overlaps between psyche, spirit, mind, body, and emotions, united in a life-giving task. This book provokes and enlivens by bringing together therapeutic and spiritual traditions in a creative dialogue.
  • The Revd Neil Thorogood, Principal of Westminster College, University of Cambridge

    These chapters offer valuable reflections for all those engaged in spiritual direction/accompaniment in pastoral and therapeutic settings. I am grateful for the breadth and depth of the insights shared here. This is a book of wisdom and practical resources for all helping others in their spiritual journeys.
  • Dr Pravin Thevathasan

    Catholic Medical Quarterly
    This book is a great help in our understanding of the intersection between counselling and spiritual direction. It reminds us that spirituality is at the very heart of our work in health care.
  • Revd Ann Holmes - former MHS mental health chaplain

    Church Times
    I recommend (this book), not only to those engaged in practical theology, but also to those offering serious pastoral care, their supervisors, and those in lay and ordained ministerial training and their tutors.
  • The Revd Anne Holmes, former NHS mental-health chaplain, psychotherapist and SSM in the diocese of Oxford

    Church Times
    Each contributor cites current practice and research, and the self-contained chapters offer an invaluable resource to a wider range of practitioners than those practicing the two disciplines intentionally brought together. I recommend [this book], not only to those engaged in practical theology, but also to those offering serious pastoral care, their supervisors, and those in lay and ordained ministerial training and their tutors.